Monday, August 2, 2010

Ahh... Twins

These are my boys- Gavin and Breiden. Also referred to as Peanut and Buba. And no, they are not identical. Gavin was born first, 1 minute earlier then Breiden via c-section, but he is the smaller of the two. I had no clue that multiples ran in my family until we found out we were having twins. There are twins a couple generations back on my dads side, some a few generations back on my husbands dads side, and twins and triplets every generation for at least 4 on my moms side. Unfortunately, no one in my moms family had been able to carry ( and even more unfortunately some chose not to continue the pregnancy) and either miscarried or ended the pregnancy.

No, I was the lucky one to actually have twins. I get asked all the time what its like- and the only response I have is "What is it like to not have twins? I don't know anything else" My mom told me that I was so blessed these were my first kids because I have no clue how hard I have it compared to most. I very quickly learned to handle and accept the crying because their was no way to keep both of them content. I held them as often as I could, but there was no way to sooth both of them as often as you can with one baby. Statistically, twins are some of the most well adjusted people, so not getting mommy's 100% attention can't be all that bad.

Also not being able to rush to them the second they started crying, because I was feeding or tending to the other, helped them learn to be more independent of me earlier on.I can leave the house without my boys going into melt down- I rarely have to sneak out of my own house. I say "bye boys" and they smile and say " bye momma" and I always get greeted by with a big smile and a "Mommy's home!" I will always be curious to know if I would have been the same relaxed, layed back parent if I had had just one baby the first time. I don't know if that is part of my nature or if it was a survival thing that kicked in so I didn't go absolutely insane taking care of two babies. Now with baby number three on the way, who is just a singleton, I wonder if I will be able to resist the urge to rush to her side the second she starts crying.
  Now that my boys are older, it is so amazing to watch them together. Instant best friends. They share a big queen size bed, and in the morning, I'll hear them get up and just watch them on the monitor wrestle and play until they are bored and ready to come out of their room

They are such boys and I love it. I love the sound of their cars ,trucks and trains being pushed on the floor and the "vroom vroom"  and "choo choo" noises G and B make. I love when I yell "tackle!", and they race to wrestle each other down to the floor, and my new favorite when they jump off the couch or the side of the pool and yell "Super Boy!" I feel no rush to get them involved in play groups and classes because they have each other. We go to the playground almost daily so they can get interaction with other kids.For two year olds, they are pretty decent at sharing because they have always had to share with each other. We have our occasional stubborn, selfish moments- we've graduated from saying "mine" to "I need it" (which I correct with "want" every time, I'm not sure where they picked up on this horrible phrase). But on the whole, they are amazing at sharing for two years olds. It melts my heart that when they go and get their cup, they make sure to grab the others cup too and bring it to him.

Ahh, diaper butts. We are almost to the point of saying buh-bye to those and giving all our diapers to the new baby. My plan is to make a big ordeal about giving their diapers to their sister and buying their big boy pants and to boot camp potty train while I am on maternity leave. We'll see how that goes.

  I feel that I missed out on a lot by having twins- I didn't get to bond with my boys individually very much as babies because someone always needed tending to. I didn't get to just sit and rock my baby whenever, it was more rock this baby and get him asleep as fast as possible to I can get up and help the other one. Everything felt like a duty, not a special time with my children. But I also got to experience a lot of things other moms don't by having twins. Like with everything that happens in life, there are negative and positive aspects. And not that I have a choice, but you couldn't pay me to turn in my twin card for something more normal. 

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