Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Year Older

Today, my husband said farewell to another good year- a very good year for him if I do say so- he watched our boys turn 2, he married me and he found out we were expecting a baby girl. Yes, he is one year older today and a new year starts for him. A new year that so far we are looking forward to the birth of our daughter and two nieces or nephews ( both his sister and brother are expecting kids within the year but neither know what they are having.) But today, we celebrate my husband, 28 years old. And how did he want to celebrate? By spending the day with his boys.

The boys and I got up early and went shopping to get Daddy what he had asked for his birthday lunch and a lemon meringue pie for later that night- his favorite. Diego Happy Birthday balloons were the gift the boys picked out for "him", but they were the ones who played with them all day. I had planned to let Charlie sleep in till 11, a nice little gift of my own. But as soon as we got home the boys rushed into our bedroom and jumped on him saying "Birthday daddy, daddy birthday!" Even though my husband is not a morning person,  he couldn't resist getting up to hang with them after that. We spent all morning at the pool, just jumping in the water over and over again. I am pretty sure the boys sinuses are cleared out for the rest of the month.

Unfortunately, Charlie couldn't really get his wish, he had to work in the afternoon. But after the boys and I took a nice long afternoon nap, we made dinner and brought it up to him at the rink. We couldn't stay long because it was a busy night for him, so the pie had to wait till he got home. It was barely still his birthday by the time we got to cut into the pie. Sweet, tangy lemon meringue right before bed.

A know a lot of people were waiting to see if Fiona would share her daddy's birthday, but no, August 11th remains just Charlies special day.

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