Monday, August 9, 2010

Bed Time

If possible, every home should have a bed big enough for the whole family. And, no, I am not for family sleeping- I fully believe that for a healthy marriage, the parents bedroom should be a place that past a certain time is kid-free, unless of course a child is sick and needs a little extra attention. But a big bed is an essential place for good family bonding.

Our bed is my favorite spot in our whole house. We spend more time with our kids talking, jumping, wrestling and playing tent on our bed then we spend time anywhere else in the house. Its almost a haven for me- a place to recharge, both while awake and when I sleep. Watching my boys struggle to climb up- insisting that they do it themselves by saying " I do it, I do it!" and them looking victorious as they finally make it up, my husband holding them up with his feet in, tickling them with his toes under their arm pits, and having their little arms wrap around my neck, waiting for me to take them for a ride- these are the little things in life that I live for.


Gavin and Breiden just light up whenever they go on the "big bed". I honestly could get rid of all of their toys- as long as we have a bed and blankets for them to play with, they are happy campers. Always climbing and wrestling, I call them my little monkeys. We don't go a day without someone getting hurt, but half the time you would never know- their response is more often then not to laugh, not cry. Through and true boys- and I love it.

 Each stage of this pregnancy, it has gotten harder and harder to keep up with them- or more to keep them off of me. I am not just mommy, I am a jungle gym. I constantly am reminding them there is a baby in my tummy and they have to be careful around me, but they only remember that for about 3 seconds before they are back trying to jump on me. We are down to our last week, and are desperate to keep this baby in till Monday. Her coming any early would most likely mean separation- me here at the local hospital in c-section recovery and her up at the special hospital. Trying to take it easy with two little monkeys is a battle. Even when I have people over to help, the boys want me. It would almost be better if I stayed elsewhere, where they don't have access to me. They are fine if I am not around, but if they see me, I am what they want.

 7 more days, 7 more days.... I don't think I have ever felt this anxious for anything before in my life.

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