Friday, August 6, 2010

Breaking the Rules

  Between the five members of my little family, our summer months are filled up with all of our birthdays. The boys are June, I am July and my husband is August as well as our little one on the way will be. I woke up from my afternoon nap to find the boys still sleeping and had a major pregnancy craving for Outback Steakhouse's loaded french fries. Cheesy, greasy french fries dipped in their wonderful ranch dressing. I was hoping my husband would be up for running up there to get them for me. When he got home, I am pretty sure the first words out of my mouth was "I want Outback tonight" We don't go out to eat often to stay on budget, so we are very selective what nights we choose to have this time out of the house. But friends had given us a gift card to restaurants which happened to include Outback and my husband was all down for an early birthday celebration. My c-section isn't scheduled till after his birthday, but who knows, she may come early and then we would be in the hospital for Charlies birthday.

After many failed attempts to find a sitter for the night, we decided to just make it a family outing and to bring the kids. They are now getting to a point where its not an absolute embarrassment to bring them to restaurants- they actually somewhat listen to what we tell them and surprisingly obey fairly well. Our friend Robby met us for our little celebration. Mmmm.... loaded cheese fries.

And after our nice dinner, more friends met us at the play area at the shopping center to talk and watch the boys be boys. Some Cold Stone ice cream for desert topped off the evening.

They jumped and ran and you would think would have been exhausted it being 9 at night, but they were still wide awake when we got home and insisted that they did not want to go to bed but their blood shot eyes gave them away. I love that my boys share a bed... I never thought I would do that, but when we were trying to figure out what was the most cost effective way to get them big boy beds and at the same time trying to figure out what to do with our queen size guest bed that was in the room we were turning into the new baby's nursery, it just made sense to try it out and see how they would do sleeping together. We haven't had one major problem (Except maybe a few injuries from them wrestling too much)

(I am dying to paint the boys room, but we just rent our house and can't paint. The bookshelves are plastic rain gutters- I picked up that idea from another blogger whom I can't remember at the moment. I made the boys plaid pillows and their blanket as well, and the G and B are just painted cardboard letters I got from Joann's. It is my goal that our house be primarily filled with our own handmade things- I am so much more satisfied with things that I put time and effort into then things I buy.)

I can't get the boys to keep their pants on for more then 5 minutes when we are home- and have even had a few incidences of drop trough in public. They just like to be free men :)

I know I am supposed to be taking it easy now, but I had to go grocery shopping this morning and thought- hey might as well let the boys go to the covered playground for a bit where I can sit in the shade under fans. Our hour out of the house turned into a 3 hour outing including the playground, the "waterfall" or water fountain, target, and the hockey rink for lunch with Daddy, that all wore me out. Them? O no, they are still wide awake, reading their new Lightning McQueen books I got for them together in bed. No matter how tight we are on money, I will never deny my kids new books. And a set of 4 for 4 dollars I just couldn't pass up.  I am just waiting for them to fall asleep so I can do the same. Ahhh, but it feels like the baby just woke up in my belly so me getting a good nap might not happen.

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