Wednesday, August 25, 2010


 Every major event is only a second in our lives. We spend days to years building up anticipation for certain important moments- graduation, saying "I do", the birth of a child- that literally pass with a blink of the eye. All of this energy and stress put on, in the grand scheme of things, something so..... small. After all the waiting and stressing, Fiona was discharged today, 9 days after her birth day. I blinked and we were out the door, driving home. When we were leaving, a mom was getting onto the elevator and looked at us with all of our stuff and our baby and my heart broke for her when she said, "I can't wait till its our day". That was me, just yesterday.

Our angel slept the whole 2 hour car ride back to our little home. We drove through one torrential rain storm after another the entire ride. My poor husband, already nervous to drive his baby girl, had to deal with the bad weather on top of it all. But we made it home, safe and sound. I open the door to my favorite sound- "Mommy's home!"

The boys met "Fo-na!", as they call her, for the very first time and fell in love with her just as much we did. Breiden kept pointing and just saying "pretty" over and over. Both were too scared to touch her but blew her lots of kisses.

They quickly got over that fear, and were fighting over who got to hold her. I really thought they would be too young to want to do this- they never took that much interest in any other baby before. The way they looked at Fiona, when she was in their arms, melted my heart. They are going to be such amazing big brothers- they are already looking over her with love and protection.

I'm in love with my family.

And thankful to be home.

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