Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Picnic Perfect

  There is nothing like waking up and having a delicious homemade fruit smoothly for breakfast with your kids. Everything from watching their excitement as you let them help pick out all the special ingredients to seeing them jump for joy at the loud noise of the blender. This is the one drink that they are allowed to drink out of a real cup with a real straw.

  And of course Tommy and Percy had to join as at the table. My husband and I cant help but laugh at the way our two year olds pronounce Percy... it comes out sounding very much like "pussy", which I have to bite my tongue and repeat back to them how to correctly say it, over pronunciating "Purrr-ceee" I really do wish this train had a different name.

  There was nothing but white fluffy clouds in the sky and I was feeling like a different outing other then the pool. I felt like I had all the energy in the world (which I was surprised since I spent all night tossing and turning trying to get my big pregnant belly in a comfortable position.) Hearing my boys excited voices saying  "paygowned, paygowned!" and seeing their big smiles in my rear view mirror made me that much more excited for a picnic and at the park.

 The boys couldn't get out of the car fast enough to go play- I am surprised they let me get their shoes on and even stood semi still for a sun block lotion application. As soon as I said "all done" they were off and running. My boys were by far the smallest kids at the playground and it cracks me up that older kids see them as babies, they seem so grown up to me already. They can hang with the best of them on almost everything at the playground.
  It was 90 degrees out and I was quickly regretting forgoing my usual pool outing for something directly in the sun. I decided we were going to have our picnic so we could sit in the shade for a bit before going home. I love the idea of a picnic. They look so magical in pictures- so special. O how I wish they were really that way in motion.

  I brought one of our outdoor blankets and my colorful plastic plates, had packed a yummy pb&j lunch with blueberries and "cheesy chips" or more commonly known as cheddar sun chips. The only shaded spots at the playground were the cement picnic areas, so I set up camp in a big space between picnic tables.

Within seconds of laying down the blanket, ants of every size and color had started to swarm and flys were hovering just above, waiting for me to open up my food containers. I put some food on the boys plates and stood guard, swiping ants away before they could reach the boys food. It wasn't long before my boys noticed our little friends, and we spent the rest of the time waving and saying "hi- annts" and throwing chips trying to get the ants away from our special area.


The boys were sweaty, I was sweaty and hungry and my contractions were starting to come on from being in the heat. I had to think of something that would excite G and B enough for them to want to leave the park because they had no intention of going anywhere anytime soon. Telling them, "Lets go home" didn't work but "lets go to Mimis house" (my moms house) worked and I got them and all our stuff packed back up and headed to her house with blessed air conditioning.

After some time with Mimi, finishing our lunch and a little bit of Noggin, it was close to nap time and time to head home. I think tomorrow Ill go back to just taking them to the pool.

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