Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soaking up these last days and some sun rays

Florida summers can be a hard three months. Growing up in Michigan, summer days were filled up by playing outdoors from sun up to sun down. Here in Florida, you are lucky to get more then an hour out in the sun during these hot and rainy months.
Florida rain- you can actually see where it starts and stops- this was two rain clouds with sunshine in between
  But thankfully, since I started my maternity leave, the rain clouds have been far and few between. Which means I have been able to get my kids out of the house and I have finally gotten a nice little tan going. Taking the boys to the pool used to be a nightmare for me- I felt like I was in a panic the whole time trying to keep an eye on both of them, even when I had someone with me, I still didn't trust anyone to watch them as closely as I do. My cousin came down to visit with her three kids this past Easter and introduced me to toddler swimmy life vests. It took about a week for the boys to learn how to swim with them and now they are little fish in the water. And for mommy- well I am not a nervous wreck at the pool now. 

I love to see my kids smile. They both love being in the water and have absolutely no fear. I've yet to capture a picture of this, but they both jump off the edge of the pool and go completely under the water and come up smiling. Every day I am surprised with what they have learned to do and say. Today, Gavin would throw his hands up in the air in victory and say "Go Bray-en! Go Ga-bin!" when they were jumping in the pool. He always talks about himself in third person. He often just comes up to me and says " I Ga-bin!" That kid finishes everything with an exclamation point.

   With now less then two weeks till my baby girl arrives (and technically it could be any day), I am trying to soak up these last days just being a mommy of two boys. I will be gone at a hospital a few hours away from where we live to deliver her and she and I will stay there for at least two weeks in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit to monitor her heart condition. The longest I have been away from my boys was a week for our honeymoon, and it took over a month for them to stop being mad at me for leaving for so long, so I don't know how they will do with mommy being gone for two or more weeks. They are allowed to be at the hospital, but to drive them all the way up there to coope them up in a small hospital room where they are not allowed to touch anything, just to make them leave an hour or so later and drive all the way back home isn't worth it. So while I have the chance, I am trying to soak up as much G&B time as possible. Everything from enjoying breakfast with them, to the pool, to just cuddling- the three of us, one kid tucked under each arm in our big lazy boy chair watching Dora and Diego.
     Mondays are our family days. Neither my husband or I have traditional 9-5 jobs nor do we work Monday through Friday. Our "Saturday" is Monday. Mondays are our days to either do something fun together or run errands all day. Unfortunately, this week we didn't get our Mon-day together. My husband is helping run a hockey camp for the week and I had yet another doctors appointment. But we still had our Monday night. Charlie made our favorite meal- avocado shrimp and rice- and then the rest of the evening was spent wrestling in the living room floor.


   It is so amazing watching my husband play with our kids. They are definatly his mini-mes. With our odd schedules we don't get much family time, so these moments I really cherish. And after we got the boys all tuckered out and put to bed, we popped in Boondock Staints that only made it about halfway through before we were snoozing on the couch, but at least we did get some alone time in together.
   Two more weeks until our family of 4 grows to a family of 5 and there will be even less time for those special moments ( two weeks if baby Fiona doesnt decide to surpise us earlier). I'm going to miss the boys little crooked teeth grins and playing with their "choo choo Thomas and Percy" trains those weeks that me and the baby will be gone. It will feel so good to walk through our door, holding my precious new baby and hear my favorite words " Mah-hom-ies HHoommme!"

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