Friday, August 13, 2010


 I knew today was going to be a beautiful day when I saw an alligator in the lake in our neighborhood this morning. For some reason, every time my day starts off with seeing a gator, its a sunny, gorgeous day out. And we already had some pool plans set up with a friend, so we were going to really enjoy the nice weather. In my hustle and bustle to get the boys pool ready, I forgot about myself and am now a giant lobster. Thank God, my Italian skin turns burns into tans quickly.

 We went to a different pool today- the big pool, the waterfall pool. A neighborhood close by has this amazing pool with a beach access entrance, big water sprinklers and all. The boys love going to this pool for two reasons- one, the "waterfalls" and two, it means they are going to play with friends. I have a few friends with kids that live in this neighborhood, and today we met up with our little flower girl, Olivia, for some fun at the big pool.

Ashley Allbee Photography
Her mommy and I were pregnant together the first time around- Liv is two months younger then the boys, almost to the day. And just six weeks after we found out we were pregnant this time, we got the news her and her husband were expecting as well. We rocked our pregnant bellies in bathing suits and watched our kids play and swim all morning.
Charlie and one of his buddies had taught the boys how to surf on their boogie boards (they held them up on the boards with one hand and moved the board with the other) a few months ago, and that's all they wanted to do. I can't hold them up on the boards though, so they had to settle for just standing still on the boards in shallow water.

And Amber found this little yellow guy at the bottom of the pool that was a huge hit with the boys. All three kids were hopping and "ribbiting" around on the steps.

Besides the occasional fit of selfishness and the wicked sunburn, it was a great morning. Its crazy that just two years ago we had no kids and in just a few months, between the two of us, we will have 5! Amber is one of my crazy friends who is not finding out what she is having this time around :) So we have to wait for that surprise. If she has another girl, 5 hockey wives on my husband team will have had a baby girl this year. But having another little boy for the twins to play with would be a blessing as well.

This was my last time going to the pool before baby comes in less then 3 days! Hopefully this burn- soon to be tan- will last me the two or so weeks I will be in the hospital.

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