Friday, September 24, 2010


   I have always pictured the perfect family to have kids that were all close in age- two boys and then two girls. This way each child gets to experience what its like to have a brother or sister and they all can grow up to be friends. Of course, there is no bad arrangement, each family is perfect in their own way. For me, I have one sister who is five years younger then me. I don't have many memories of us bonding together as kids because of the age gap. Sadly, I completely draw a blank from about the time I was 10 till I graduated high school of who my sister was. I had my own life and friends and so did she. I was busy with sports and boyfriends and she was still just this little kid. Now, that we are older, the age doesn't really matter much. My sister is one of my best friends. But as I watched my boys tonight, I envied how they have always, and will hopefully always, be so close.

  Gavin and Breiden were in their room and I walk in to find all the blankets and pillows thrown off their big bed into a pile and their pillow cases off the pillows and over their heads like ghost costumes. They were jumping off the bed into the big, fluffy pile of bedding and laughing hysterically. I sat on the bed and just watched them run and tackle each other, playing rough, like boys do. I looked over at Fiona, who was sleeping (surprise, surprise, that's all she does) in her bouncy seat across the hall in her room, and got a little sad she wont have a sister like her brothers have each other. I'll never walk into her bedroom to find her and a little sister sitting and playing barbies or doing each others hair and make up. We are stopping one child short of my dream family... but I am happy. As soon as I saw the doctor hold her over the sheet in the delivery room, I knew and I felt that we were complete. She is our princess, and she may never know what its like to have a sister, but she has two amazing brothers, an experience I never had.

   There really is no, one ideal situation- what ever you end up with, whether it be an only child, or kids 10 years apart, or 10 kids... its perfect. I never had a brother growing up, but now I have two brother-in-laws, and eventually a third when my little sister finds the man of her dreams. And I never had a close relationship with my sister when we were young, but I had the most amazing childhood girlfriends and now a great friendship with my sister and can say that I do not feel like I missed out on any girl bonding.

 Twins are truly a special gift. It is absolutely amazing to watch them interact with each other. Yes, they fight often as all siblings do, but they always have each other. There is not a dull moment in our house with the two of them running around. Although there are many times that having three kids under the age of three is extremely testing, I would bet that, at times, its easier then having just one 2 year old and a newborn. I am not the boys only source of entertainment. They have never had the luxury that all first borns do of being an only child. Patience is a word that they knew by the age of one. Neither one of the boys have ever had mommy or daddy's 100 percent attention, well, for more then 5 minutes at a time. I panicked when I saw the boys for the first time after Fiona was born because I felt overwhelmed that my heart was being split in three ways. That was another big sign that I knew our family was complete. I don't feel like I could split myself four different ways and maintain my sanity (which is barely there now anyways). Our perfect arrangement is just the way that it is. Family of 5.

( Now, of course this blog will be erased if we have an ops, our permanent birth control turns out to be faulty, and Gods perfect number for us is more then 3, but lets hope that doesn't happen :)


  1. hi, you dont know me, i went to high school with Charlie and followed your link here from his facebook. Your writing is so inspiring and i love reading what you have to say, I read your entire page in a short time. I hope you consider writing a book sometime in your life. I will continue to follow your blog, just so i can read what you have to say. Good luck to you and your beautiful fsmily!

  2. rhiannon- thank you for the encouragment!


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