Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun-Packed Weekend

Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough minutes in the day, and this weekend it was exactly that way. There was so much going on and so much that I wanted to do, that it just felt like one big whirlwind of ciaos. Friday, we were to kick off the weekend with our good Chicago friends coming in the morning. But first, a doctors appointment. As usual, the doctor was running behind, but luckily so was their flight, so the timing worked out perfectly. That was followed by yet another doctors appointment. Friday was the least chaotic day, with a trip to the mall for a nice walk, some shopping and Starbucks. We had to forgo a bbq with friends because of poor timing at the mall and needing to get the kids fed and to bed.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Andrews first visit to meet Fiona

Saturday was jammed packed with activity- starting with a 6am wake up. We had to be to the Buddy Walk by 7. In true Florida fashion though, no one is on time for anything. We showed up at 7 to find that we were some of the first ones there- people didnt start showing up till closer to 8. It was the first Buddy Walk in our area, but the outcome was great. I met lots of amazing people, including some of the PTs that will be working with Fiona next week. Sweet baby slept the entire time, while the boys were bouncing off the wall with energy. Our family sported my handmade blue and maise FIONA shirts and the boys had a blast in the bounce houses after the walk.

My husband and friends husband spent the afternoon golfing, while my friend and I chatted and took a much needed nap with the kids at home. I woke up somewhat refreshed and ready for round two of the day- taking the kids to a fall festavil at the local park. I loved soaking in the sounds of kids laughter, the smell of pumpkin spice and hay, and watching my boys play rough in the bounce houses. Fiona slept, once again, cuddled up in the baby carrier on my chest. I love this thing, I never got to use it with the twins because, well it only carries one baby.

We rode the little hayride (nothing incomparision to the big tracker pulled ones up north!) and hurried home to drop of the kids with the babysitter so we could have a nice adult dinner- kid free. Im looking forward to taking the kids back up to the park, which has the festival going on till Halloween, and hopefully next weekend making the drive to another bigger one that resembles more of the midwest festivals.

My sweet friend bought me some little fall decortations that brighten my day every time I walk past them. And I am awaiting a package of leaves from my dad... probably the best advice I have gotten to make it feel more like a northen fall down here. I can't wait to see the boys playing in them.

Although the weekend was jammed packed with activity, there was something refreshing about spending time with old friends. Not to mention, it was nice to have a full weekend with my husband (who normal works both Saturday and Sunday).

I've currently misplaced my camera and am mourning more the loss of the pictures on the camera from this weekend more then the camera itself. Hopefully, I will find it soon

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