Sunday, October 31, 2010

Special Needs Awareness month

Ahh.... the last day of my favorite month. This year, October took on a new meaning to our family. Not only is it my favorite time of year and the month of our wedding anniversary, but it is also the Special Needs Awareness month- an area that Fiona's diagnosis has brought near and dear to our hearts. And while it gets greatly overshadowed by the more predominate Breast Cancer Awareness, I wanted to make note that this month is also a time to recognize an amazing group of people and families.

At the Buddy Walk earlier this month, I looked around at all the other smiling mothers there, walking for their precious ones blessed with an extra set of chromosomes, and knew at some point each one of them carried a face of pain instead of that joy. At some point, each of them had a doctor tell them, " Your baby has Down Syndrome". And as the pain of that spread through their veins back to their aching hearts, they were most likely each asked the most horrible question. In one form or another, they ask you if you want to keep your baby. A prenatal diagnosis, they ask if you want to continue the pregnancy and an after birth diagnosis, they may inform you that they can find a home if you feel unable to handle the needs of your new baby. I looked at these mothers who now had nothing but pride and joy in their eyes, and had to smile at the strength they had to make, what I considered to be, the right choice. They landed in Holland and made the best of it.

Its not just Down Syndrome this month is about but all special needs-Autism, MS, Spina Bifida, Turners Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness, Blindness, Mental Retardation, ADHD, PDD and a hundred other chromosome disorders. If you know someone who has been affected by one of these disorders, send them a little extra love today!

"Welcome to Holland"- by Emily Perl Kingsley

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