Thursday, October 14, 2010

sweet october

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I look forward to October like a kid looks forward to Christmas. Something in the air changes on October 1st. In Florida, this change is very slight and you might miss it if your not looking for it. But Michigan Octobers are undeniably the best. Everything from football and hockey to costume parties to jumping into huge leave piles and the distinctive cool smell of autumn air. I crave that smell all year. Apple picking and cider mills, pumpkin pie and hay rides. Wearing the perfect fall sweater and jeans- all the rich, deep earthy colors surround you.

Each year I am getting better at being proactive about recreating Michigan fall in Florida instead of just sulking about what we are missing down here. For the boys first October, we drove almost 2 hours away to find a "pumpkin patch" and hay ride only to find out it was just a pumpkin stand and they couldn't afford the insurance that year to do the hay ride. When we went home to Michigan for Thanksgiving, though, we were able to hit the cider mill right before it closed for winter.
The Franklin Cider Mill, MI
The boys first trip to the cider mill

 Last year, our wedding and honeymoon took up most of the month and by the time I got around to looking for some fun fall festivities to take part in, everything had closed for the season. But this year, I'm going to get my taste of fall, even though we are stuck in Florida all fall again! Starting with filling my house with the smells of pumpkin and apple spices.

Decorating is a must this year, even if those decorations are all just construction paper cut outs. I love the whole costume part of Halloween, but not all the ghost and goblins. No, my fall decorations revolve more around pumpkins and scarecrows and beautiful Michigan leaves.

Now, if only I can find the time to make these

I've been in a stroller dilemma since we were pregnant with Fiona- is it worth it to get a triple stroller? The only time I would use it is for walks and I just can't bring myself to spend so much money for something that will be used so sparingly. No, instead, I find myself not using any stroller, the boys walk with me (which takes twice as long but they enjoy exploring in the "forests"- the palm trees and shrubbery that occasionally surround the sidewalk in our neighborhood- and of course they have to stop to wave at the "cute ants")Fiona stays snugly in her carrier, sleeping soundly on my chest, her crooked little legs all curled up on top of my belly. The cool, crisp fall air is no were near as cool and crisp as Michigan, but it is there. And it feels good breathing it in.

We are looking forward to a full weekend of friends flying in from Chicago, our first Buddy Walk to support Fiona and fellow friends with ds, some pumpkin stand fun and train ride at our local park, and a bachelor/bachelorette party to finish it off. Welcome holiday season!

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