Friday, October 22, 2010

Where is my ....

Organization- a skill I very much lack. I'm the person who my entire life has been told "You would lose your head, if it wasn't attached to your body" The current item that has been misplaced, my dear camera ( Its probably not the only thing miss placed at the moment, just the most important). Leaving the house is always an interesting task, considering either my phone, the car keys, or my wallet always seems to have disappeard. I just can't seem to ever get in the habit of leaving my stuff in the same place- routine is just not how I function. And trust me, I have tried- all you organized people out there (aka, my husband) you can give me all the advice in the world, I still won't be able to follow it.

My lack of organization is not something I am proud of and is a constant source of frustration in my life. I hate the fact that I never know where anything is. So, thats when I get crazy and over organize... and I organize so well, I can't remeber the places I put things. I've read articles and books, watched the organization shows, and have spent many a dollar on containers and shelfs and folders to organize, but within a week, everything seems to fall back to its normal disaray.

Lately, I have been in the mood to declutter my life and my house. I've already done one toy purge and started going through the cloths. Disorganized I am, pack rat I am not. I know the less I have, the less I have to misplace and mess up. And I am laughing at myself as I write this because I so should be finishing the projects I have started in the house, but blogging just sounds so much more entertaining right now. I was all fired up to clean- the kids laundry has been piling up for two weeks now, but I went to open the washer just to find a forgotten about wet load already in there that now has to be rewashed. It completely took the wind from my sails. So here I am, typing with the sounds of the washer and the soft vibration of Fiona's bouncy seat playing in the background.

Writing just isn't as fufilling without having pictures to go along with it. And my frustration with my own disorganization is rising up. Fiona has so much medical stuff to keep track of and it seems I can never find the paperwork the doctors or case workers need when they call. I always seem to remember to do stuff when I am at work or out running an errand, but never remember to carry through with it when I get home. I'm at a loss as to how to fix my delema because,try as I may, I just can't keep myself organized. And losing your camera right before the holiday season is extremely inconvient ( or convient, depending how you look at it seeing as Christmas is right around the corner :)

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