Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks

I'm thankful for the small things, well not really small, but the things we take for granted day by day...

my health
a roof over my head
food to eat each day
shoes on my feet
a supportive and loving family
my three kids
a loving husband
good friends
my husbands job and my own ( and that both of us have careers that allow us to have holidays off)

And then there's the things that I cannot express in words the magnituid of my gratefulness...

For my daughter.... there is so much to be thankful for with Fiona. A year ago today, she was just cells dividing in my belly. I was unaware of her and the extra set of chromosome 21. I look back on this past year, and all I feel is thankful. Although Fiona's health conditions are not the best, they could be ten times worse then they are. I could have lost her during the pregnancy and never have had the amazing opportunity to meet my sweet baby. She could have needed immediate heart surgery and we could have lost her then. I am forever grateful for anytime I get with her. I am thankful for her sight and her hearing, that she so far is hitting her milestones ( shes rolling over like a pro now all the time!) and that she doesn't have a lot of the physical markers of Downs. Shes strong, and fighting and I can't kiss her enough when her warm, little body is in my arms. I'm thankful God gave me Gavin and Breiden, two healthy amazing boys, who love on their little sister and are there to protect her and help her develop.

For our friends and family.... the support both emotionally and financially that we have received in this last year from those close to us is overwhelming. Their help has gotten us through the toughest moments and it has brought so much comfort to me knowing so many people are praying for our family.

My husband... who has been my rock this past year.

Thanksgiving at our house was low key this year. Southwest Florida had a beautiful, sunny and 85 degree day, and we took advantage of our nice weather and went to the park with the kids. My super hero husband came to the rescued and saved a ginormous turtle from the middle of the road. You know, nothing big.

We spent most of the day fighting with the kids over the TV- we wanted football and they wanted Thomas the Train- and fighting with them to keep their clothes on. Mimi came for dinner, the wonderful pre-cooked meal from Publix my dad ordered for us, thank you so much for the nice, easy dinner Dad! I took all the things that the boys told me they were grateful for and made place mats for them, with their hand turkey painting and all.

Some of my favorite responses?- Shoes, blue alligators, cheese, and two eyes.


So, I pulled out the box of Christmas decorations and its tree hunting tomorrow. We kicked off the Christmas season this past Monday down at the Naples tree lighting. And time just keeps flying by.

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