Thursday, November 4, 2010

Green, Blue and Fairytale Pink

All mothers of multiples come up with their own code or way of telling their new babies apart. I've heard of color coding or painting one baby's toe nail- one mother of twin girls, painted her twin, Olive's, big toe red and said it was her pimento! My boys aren't identical, but at times, and especially when they were infants, it was hard to tell them apart. My husband wasn't a fan of painting his son's toe nail, so I went with the color coding- Blue for Breiden and Green for Gavin. It was an easy way for people who weren't around them enough to know their subtle differences to know who was who... B for B and G for G. These colors stuck with the boys and I may have caused Breiden to have an obsession with the color blue. I ask him what he wants for dinner?- Blue pasta.

I wanted to stick with the color identification thing with Fiona as well, but unfortunately, there isn't a color that starts with the letter F. I debated over purple or pink for a little bit, me being more of a purple girl- it goes better against my olive skin and deep, chocolate eyes. But I landed on pink. Maybe it was a mother's intuition, but now that Fiona is here, she really does look best in pink. She inherited her daddy's pale skin and blue eyes- both which look much better with the warm hues of pink the best. Anything blue and green just seem wrong on her because my brain is so wired to associate blue with Breiden and green with Gavin. I had her swaddled in a green receiving blanket this afternoon, and for a second really thought I was holding my baby Gavin- she looks so much like him anyway.

Fairytale Pink- I know its a stretch, but it goes with my alliteration. The color coding is a nice way for my kids to easily identify what is theirs. Gavin isn't as demanding that everything he has be green, but he at least associates the green things in our house as his. And its so nice to see pink in the house, after almost three years of being surrounded by blues and greens and those other loud, bright primary colors- they seem to scream at you, while the paler tones of pinks and purples bring calmness to the house. Kind of reflecting the personalities of my kids.

(Ok, and I debated about this for how many months before she was born, and just realised Fuschia starts with F. So my alliteration does work! )

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