Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still Procrastinating...

The sound of swishing footied pj feet have replaced the normal pitter-patter of my two little barefooted monkeys. And those feet have not stopped moving all day. The time change seems to have thrown our house hold through a loop and instead of getting an extra hour of sleep, we are getting no sleep. I've tried reading with them, singing with them, and now I'm down to my last resort- movie time in their room. But I am hearing an awful lot of banging for watching a movie. They lay upside down on their bed and kick the wall periodically.

Its not like they didn't have plenty of opportunities to get some energy out today. We spent most of the day playing out front, just like I wanted, after our morning house-hunting and afternoon nap attempt. I even managed to tidy the house a little as well. And to finish off the day, after dinner I took the kids to the playground for a bit. Gavin and Breiden did circles up and around the slide, as I hung out with the little princess. Loved that I was able to pull out a scarf and dress the kids up in hoodies.

And how cute is this little puma jump suit on Fi!

 And how much do you love that brother-sister moment happening there. Lately, the boys have been lovin on their sister so much ( Gavin from afar as not to spread more then just love- hence the little feet you see at the top) He sits as close as I will let am and just says, " I lud her" Ahh, I wish I could bottle those moments up!

 I got my first, real big smile out of her. I gave her a big smile and her whole face lite up with a grin, much bigger then her normal smirk. My little sweet love talked and played with me until she tuckered herself out. And speaking of which, the banging on the walls stopped a little bit ago so I think my other two monkeys tuckered themselves out as well.

Yep, I opened the door to find Breiden asleep on the floor, Gavin sprawled out on the bed and the Cinderella movie still playing in the background. Both were sound asleep and didn't move a muscle as I got them both tucked into bed. They should be, they have been awake for 13 hours.

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