Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thump, thump, thump

I've had a headache for the past two weeks that just wont go away. Its a little from a cold I've been battling, a little from my constant worrying over Fiona, and a little from the frustration of trying to keep twin two year olds in check. Our battle of the wills has me clenching my teeth, trying to prevent everything inside me from jumping out and strangling my two defiant little monsters. ( Don't go calling child services, I would never!) But the whining and tantrum throwing is enough to keep my headache pounding on.

Terrible-twos are in full swing, and its definitely a balancing act trying to keep them safe, be consistent, and keep my temper. All on top of keeping the house dark and quiet (ya right) so that Fiona can eat correctly. I knew this is what I was getting into with having my kids so close together, and I'm not complaining about my situation, more just venting.

Ever since the time change, nap time has become a huge fight between mommy and the boys. We've gone a few days completely skipping napping all together, and oh how those few hours of missed silence have kept my headache fueled. My husband never seems to have too much difficulty getting them to bed, but with me they just want to party all day. Probably because mommy's more fun ( just kidding, hunny!). I finally got them down, at 4:30, after Breiden sat and cried by his door for a half hour- or more screamed bloody murder by the door. Turned out he left his blankie in the living room, but he was so hysterical about it I couldn't understand him.

What keeps me going through the day is the few good moments between the tantrums are that good. I pulled out the good ol' construction paper this afternoon for some arts and crafts time and the boys helped me put together these turkeys.

I tried teaching the boys what being thankful means. But my attempted to define the word, in which I could only think to explain by using even bigger words such as appreciate and grateful, probably didn't do much good. I sat at the kitchen table, the boys on the table, and I wrote down everything they told me they were thankful for. They gave me their answers so enthusiastically. I'll reveal their responses at a later date.

Just this half hour of quiet has helped ease the pounding in my head. I'm just cuddled up with my sleeping beauty, enjoying her warm little body in my arms. She's refusing to completely give in, keeping one eye on me, just slightly open. She didn't eat very well this morning, but shes making up for it now. She really does eat better in the quiet. Oh no, someone is already awake crying. There goes the quiet as well as my break from the pounding in my head.

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