Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unexpected Vacation

Halloween is both the grand finale of October and the kick off to the holiday season. And with the jack-o-lanterns already whithering from the Florida heat, its time to start changing the decorations from pumpkins to turkeys. But before I completely say ado to October, here are some Halloween highlights.

November got kicked off by a surprise mini vacation. After spending an hour on the phone, trying to get Fiona in with a speech therapist and a dietitian, they were able to get her in... Tuesday. We were already driving up Monday to see the heart surgeon, so instead of spending 50 dollars in gas driving there and back twice, we spent 50 dollars on a hotel room.

Fiona is now a champ at these long car rides. She sleeps the entire way and always wakes up right when we are pulling into the hospital. And thanks to portable car DVD players and Disney movies, the boys do all right on these long trips as well ( The Incredibles is our current favorite). Oh, and on a side note, I found my missing camera... broken.... and have been using a spare cheapo we have. This camera not only takes crappy pictures, but likes to randomly delete photos and picks and chooses which pictures it will upload onto my computer. I opened the mail today to find a $700 medical bill that took away all hopes and dreams of getting a new camera anytime soon, so this piece of crap better start working since Fiona's first Christmas is coming up!

Its these long road trips when I absolutely love my mini van. Its nothing special, just your bottom of the line VW Routon, but as a mommy of three, its heaven on wheels. Space for everyone and everything, a mommy mirror to keep an eye on the kids in the back, and tons of cup holders! ( Women's number one reason for choosing a car). I can barely hear the boys movie all the way in the far back seat as Charlie and I listen to music up front. And Fiona sleeps through it all, snug in her seat by her self , in the middle row. The nanny may drive a nicer Lexis luxury vehicle then me, but I would take the set up of my mommy mini van any day. ( At least that's what I convince my self, as she drives off in her little sports car).

The doctors appointments were all short and sweet. One on Monday, and two on Tuesday. And looking back, we really didn't need to all go, because Charlie didn't even go into one of the appointments as he was on twin distraction duty. But it did make the long drive and the hotel stay a little nicer having everyone with me. We had never stayed in a hotel with the boys before, and I was determined to make this a fun thing for them. To my surprise, the evening went pretty smoothly. Everyone was asleep by 10pm and we didn't have one child try to sneak in bed with us. I let them get nice and worn out jumping on the bed and ended the night by renting a movie from the hotel- a whooping $14 dollar movie that was worth every penny to distract them for an hour or so.

Fiona's heart surgery is set up for the beginning of the year- 8 or so weeks away. She is now seeing a speech therapist twice a week, as the evaluation showed she does indeed have poor muscle tone around her mouth and is struggling with the eating motions. Dietitian gave us recipes to increase the caloric value of the breast milk by mixing in a small amount of formula to help boost her weight, on top of the speech therapist pushing me to breast feed as well as bottle feeding each time to strengthen her mouth. Our goal and our focus is to gain, gain, gain as much weight as possible in these next 8 weeks. They also have me waking up my sleeping beauty (who sleeps 10 to 10) at 5am every morning to try to feed. There goes my 8 hours of sleep I was getting.

I'm not really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, as it is just going to be our little family. Thanksgiving is only enjoyable, in my opinion, when your at a big table, with a bunch of loved ones... when its just two adults, two toddlers and a baby, well, it just doesn't have the same feel. Maybe next year we will be able to afford ( both money and health wise) to fly up to Michigan or Wisconsin to spend it with our families. But I will do my best to make it an event for the boys.  Buh-bye ghosts and pumpkins, hello corn and turkeys! Thinking that I am going to go get a cinnamon broom for the house today.

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  1. I understand how you feel about Thanksgiving. This year it will just be Scott, myself and Nathan. We are going home for Christmas so sacrificed the Thanksgiving holiday.
    Fiona and the boys looked adorable for Halloween! I can't to take Nathan when he is older.


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