Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dishes are done, laundry is put away, little ones are tucked into bed and I sit next to a colorfully lit Christmas tree in pure silence. After some harsh reminding from my husband, I got my priorities straight and took care of the house before diving into a hobby. The computer and my crotchet hook just always look more tempting then that big never-ending pile of laundry that accumulates from two busy adults, two crazy toddlers that are constantly taking their clothes off, and a wee one who occasionally spits up on her perfectly planned outfits.

But it is as done as it will be tonight- of course there is a half full basket that will need to be done tomorrow once it gets topped off with a few more outfits. And I am excited to see the smile on my husbands face, and watch his shoulders relax, when he walks through the door at midnight to a clean home. That is, if I am still awake.

I kind of jumped over some things to get something of my chest that was eating away at me the last few days. And after my little confession, I am still scared, but slightly more relaxed. I think I have kissed Fiona's little cheeks a million times in the last 24 hours- that's why this momma never wears lip stick, my kids would be covered. So what I skipped, I'd like to come back to. Oh, Christmas tree.

My first Christmas with my boys, I couldn't wait to start our own traditions. But I realized very quickly that babies can't do anything. They aren't eating real food, they can't play any games and they aren't much of a help in decorating a Christmas tree. I thought maybe by this Christmas we would get going with some fun stuff, but Gavin and Breiden are still a little young. I like to pretend they take interest in things like picking out the tree and hanging the ornaments, but in actuality we had to lock them in their room while we hung everything because they kept running away with our old and fragile decorations. 90 percent of the ornaments on our tree are my husbands and mine from when we were kids- and a lot of them are handmade. At least this extra time is giving me a chance to fine tune what traditions I want to start with my family. One tradition that I am definitely starting this year is each kid has to pick three toys to give to Good Will or Salvation Army. I want to make sure they grow up knowing that Christmas is about giving just as much as it is about getting. It's the day that God sent us the greatest gift, His Son. And for that same reason, my husband and I have installed the one gift only rule. We have done this since their first Christmas, but each year we only get each of them one gift.

We attempted to go see Santa the other night. Fiona, her sweet clueless little self, had no idea what was going on and just sat where we placed her in Santa's arms. The boys, on the other hand, were frightened to death by the big man in the red suit. I saw the fear in Gavin creeping in as we waited our turn behind the rope as he inched closer and closer to his daddy, his eyes wide open. Breiden, didn't realize what was going on till he got about a quarter of the way down the isle and whipped around and came running back to us. Even mommy's coaching and holding daddy and mommy's hands didn't help. We ended up getting a family picture with Santa, and the boys facial expressions are priceless. Ill have to scan the picture from Outdoor World someday on here.

Our house is looking and feeling like Christmas. And our daily going-ons look something like this-

Lots of Fiona floor playtime and snuggling under my new red and white plaid chenille Christmas blanket,

Two diaper-butt little boys running around in circles-
their discarded clothes thrown about the house,

Gavin wanting to hold Princess Fi and asking me to take their picture numerous times a day,

Finding this little guy perfectly placed under the Christmas tree (not sure if they put it there as a present or if they were pretending he was in a forest),

Play time with Sophie the Giraffe,

Finding half eaten candy canes stuck to couch cushions,

Smiling at my o-so-obviously hidden Christmas presents from my o-so-oblivious children, and loving that there is an extra stocking hanging this year for our new addition (6 this year because we also hang one for my sister who joins us each Christmas).

(the Christmas presents are "hiding" up on that ledge as well)

   I opened the first door on our Advent calendar- even though I forgot to put the candy in there- but to my benefit, the kiddos are too young to know our traditions yet :) Welcome December 2010

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