Saturday, December 25, 2010

Florida Christmas and Camera fun

If you give a girl a new camera... she'll probably get picture happy. Everything just looks good enough to capture on film. And we had a beautiful, breezy Christmas day that was just screaming for us to get out and enjoy the weather. So camera got a lot of use today.

My northern heart will always ache for a white Christmas, but really, can you complain about a day like this?

 Behold, I came across trees with orange and red leaves, with more then enough fallen leaves to rack into a pile. And all I could think about was I had my dad ship down leaves for the kids and these were just down our street the whole time? That is until we spotted this guy...

 Yes, a very large and very deadly water moccasin. O Florida, you just aren't meant for outdoor fun. Thanks to the wonderful zoom on the camera I was able to snap a shot from a safe distance. 

Charlie and the boys had fun, staying a few steps ahead of us and "hiding" behind every bush, tree and sign we passed, just to jump out and "scare" us each time. Gotta love Gavins surprise hands

 And I enjoyed watching my three boys walking together.

Nothing like some family time.

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