Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

 Try as we may, keeping the house clean just doesn't last for too long. Toys lay on the floor from excited toddlers who don't know which new toy to play with. Flashes of blue and green whiz by as they run in circles with their super hero capes shouting, "to the rescue!" and "super here-e-o!" ( Cracks me up when they get stuck on pronouncing a word wrong) And the boxing gloves are getting a lot of use. I'm torn- its so cute to watch them laugh and fight, but I'm just waiting for a real injury- or that call, when they get to preschool, that my son beat another kid up. These boxing gloves require a lot of supervision and explanation.

To the rescue, Fona!

 Its taking everything in me and a lot of prayer and leaning on God to keep my nerves at bay with Fiona's surgery just next week. I've been giving myself a lot of prep talk to keep my mind from wandering down that bad-thought road. She is doing so, so amazing and Charlie and I just can't get enough of her sweet smile and big blue eyes. We have been blessed with such a happy, relaxed little girl. A little girl that has stolen ours and our boys hearts. I want to cry when she sees me or her daddy and her little arms start flailing, her eyes light up and the cutest, open mouth smile pops up on her face. Isn't she lovely?

This just makes my heart melt! Daddy and his little girl.

Fiona rocks her super hero cape, too.

Looking forward to having all this heart stuff behind us.

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