Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ode to Fiona, Love Daddy

My husband, my rock, surprised me with a poem. Not for me, but for our daughter. The man that hates to read- countless letters I have written him have gone unread, though he has been keeping up with this blog- he wrote something of his own. Its from his heart and I asked him if I could share, because his thoughts are just as much a part of our family's story as mine are.

I want to thank you, Charlie, for being so strong for our family.


Back when I was naive and young,
I did not realize life had begun.

Kids came so quick, without a word,
Me- a dad- was just absurd.

I had my own day to day routine,
Now, I try to find me-time, far and few between.

Your brothers are crazy, all around,
Its hard to keep my mind sound.

But when I see you smile and laugh,
I know I'm somewhere on the right path.

You make me smile every time,
Without much thought, you are always on my mind.

I try to act perfect for show,
I'm not really sure how things will go.

I'm so worried deep inside,
And I try to hide how much I cry.

I strive to find the strength a dad should possess.
Its difficult when I feel so distressed.

I'm not as strong as your mom may think.
I am stretching my emotions to the brink.

I know God has your path all set.
God willing, with your mom and me, you will be kept.

With love for you, our hearts we fill.
Our love for you continues to grow still.

To the rest you're just a girl-
To your mom and me, you're our whole world!

We love you Fiona, with all our hearts!!!
Love, Daddy

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