Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ongoings and such

Well, good bye the days of dressing my boys cute. When I can actually get them to wear some clothes, they now have opinions on what they want to wear. And I cringe seeing Buzz Lightyear pajama shirts with Green Bay Packer sweat pants to a trip to the grocery store. I know as a child I didn't do much better- mix-match socks, dress up clothes out in public- but then again, I was a child of the 80s. The only thing I thought I had going for me to protect this from happening was that I never bought them any clothes with characters, bugs, animals, or silly phrases like " My daddy rocks". I thought that when the day came that they started choosing their own outfits, the only options they would have would be stripped or solid polos and cargo shorts or jeans. I didn't factor in that they would choose their pjs. Occasionally, they pick winners- my favorite- little boys in polos, and my other favorite, brotherly love.

But as much as it hurts my eyes ( and my mommy pride) to see them in odd, non matching outfits, its not enough for me to stop them from using those little imaginations. And I am just thankful that they are wearing clothes period, which is still not a common occurrence inside the house.

My big boys might have grown up to opionated little men, but at least I still have one live baby doll to play dress up with. Fiona's cute sweater says it all. 

And although this last picture, the shutter didn't exactly open all the way, I couldn't bare to delete that cute little face peeking through. As much as I love me some dresses, I have been having fun with all the layers this cold (yes, Florida is cold sometimes) weather has been requiring. We took the kids for a walk last night in our neighborhood to do some Christmas light gazing. With the temperatures hitting 30 something degrees, it really felt like the Christmas season.

My little packer fans loved it! We had a hard time keeping them off peoples lawns (sorry, neighbors, if you heard my kids rummaging through your bushes at 9 last night). And at a few houses they started running up to the doors, possibly thinking we were trick-or-treating? We came home with red noses and cheeks, which should have been a hint to turn the heat on. We woke up this morning to literally a freezing house and reluctantly finally turned on that heater- the one that smells like burning dust since it gets used about 3 days a year. 

I took a walk down memory lane, looking through pictures of the boys when they were Fiona's age. I barely remember them, and what life was like with two 4 month olds wiggling around on my floor. Well, they were more then just wiggling. They were rolling and scooting, pushing up and checking out the world. Fiona's got the roll from back to the stomach, using her right leg and kicking it over till shes stuck on her left arm. And I am so proud of her for this little maneuver she mastered. We are occasionally catching her lifting her head up while she is on her tummy, bobbing for a few seconds before it comes crashing down again. Its choppy and unstable, but shes doing it. And each time we cheer her on and tell her how good shes doing- because she is doing awesome. ( "And I'll do it as you do, just at my own pace")

You know that soft belly gets covered in kisses!

Theres lots and lots of Frosty the Snowman watching being done at our house. Gotta love when your kids fall in love with a movie that is 20 minutes long, so all day you hear "Play gan, mommy" and you find yourself singing Frosty the Snowman even when the kids aren't around.

 Fiona is so much more alert now, just taking mini naps throughout the day, but mostly joining in on family time. She loves when her brothers are around- I swear you can tell. She lights up when they are in the room and she rolls and stretches till she can get them in her view. I give them credit for her great strides in development. Did you ever see a happier girl?

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  1. I love it Shay and I love that she's fighting to do so well. She's our little warrior, and those brothers of her are fantastic!


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