Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Real Life

I sit here, manually rocking Fiona in her swing, as we have run out of batteries, trying to catch up on capturing life in our home lately. A cold front has hit southwest Florida, so the scarves and jackets have been pulled out and I have been in desperate search for warm clothes in the kids closets. Although, it never gets as cold, as say, Wisconsin's winter here, I seem to forget we occasionally do need a weeks worth of warm outfits. The temperature hitting 36 degrees last night was a nice reminder.

It has become an ongoing joke in our house that the boys never have clothes on. Its actually quite impressive just how fast Gavin can strip down to the diaper the second you turn your head. I'm not sure when they picked up the routine to take off their clothes as soon as we get home from an outing, but this is one routine they don't mess with. I used to hate when my mom would dress and pose us for pictures all the time. She promised me someday I would be thankful that I had nice pictures to look back on, and mom, I am. But I swore I wouldn't put my kids through that. Sure enough, I caught myself yelling at the kids to put on their clothes because they wanted to be in a picture with their sister. Ahhh, nooooo! I was trying to "fake" how our life is. So what, my two year olds are at-home nudists-do they count as nudists even though they keep their diapers on (Thank God!)?. So through gritted teeth, I'm capturing our life how it really is, even if that means my kids are mad that in every picture of them, they are wearing no clothes.

As my two monkeys continue to embarrass me ( I love you B&G), I couldn't be more proud with little Fi right now. She hit another milestone- she has found her hands. They are her new fascination, constantly playing with them in front of her, and she gains enough control every once and awhile to bring them up to her mouth. I noticed the other day little hickeys on her hand that she has given her self.

I decided to run my own experiment with her feedings about 5 days ago, and we have had a huge success! We had started to notice that she had gotten severely gassy from the added formula and had started to drop off her feeding amounts again. I stopped adding formula and walla, she increased her amounts. So much so that she is taking in even more calories now then she was with the added formula! Shes back to downing 100-120mls every 3 hours in less then a half hour, even without cheek support. People, this is huge! Both a victory for her weight issue and her muscle tone issue. I'm praising God for this little improvement and praying that she packs on that one last lb before January 6th. I love you, my little fighter.


  1. She is so adorable, you can see both boys in her.. I can't wait to snuggle with her :)
    love Nana Barb
    With my hot flashes I wish I could run a round like the boys...

  2. Barb, I see so much of you in her as well :) She can't wait to meet you either, just another month! Love you


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