Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Attempt #2

 Since Christmas lights are the boys "fabret", Santa coming is all they can talk about, and, well, anything resembling a train is just awesome in their book, what could be better then a trolley ride to look at Christmas lights and a stop to see Santa? Besides maybe a train ride to look at Christmas lights, but shhhh, a trolley works just fine.

Seeing talking wee-ones interact and carry on the little bit of conversation they know is beyond adorable. And having two of them, I get to witness this all day every day. From Gavin warning Breiden, "Watch out Bray-en! Watch your head!" when the toy block tower starts to fall, to Breiden pointing out to Gavin, " Look Ga-bin, Kiss-miss yights!" I have notice lately that their social interaction starts and stops with the two of them. They both get incredibly shy around other kids, and Breiden gets really defensive and protective. It may be time to get them involved in a playgroup.

Less then a week till Santa comes, and with all the excited talk about him coming, I tried a round two with a visit to Ol' St. Nick. Fail. Not only did they cling to me and run to the other side of the room when I tried to get them close to him, but they straight out told me " Santa scary". They did however manage to build up some courage when Santa offered them candy canes. Great sign- my kids will go to a "scary" man if he has candy. They got just close enough to reach out and snatch the candy cane, and then buried themselves back into my legs. With plans already set for another Christmas light viewing, I'm reconsidering a round 3 with Santa. Doubt it will go any better.

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