Friday, December 10, 2010

Stick-on Rhinestones and other wonderful things

I've been finding joy in simple pleasures. Things such as the crisp, cool smell that our cold front has brought to the air, the rush of relaxation that putting the foot rest up on the lazy boy sends through my legs, that the boys new favorite phrase is "My Fabret" and so everything is their favorite, and that my happy little girl is starting to add a laugh with her smile.

Its more of a burst of noise- not a continuous giggle- but its a start. And I love that I have to fight with Gavin and Breiden to hold her. Fiona, though, is not such a fan of being passed around.

We received a very unexpected gift in the mail the other day. A good friend had shared about Fiona with a peer who has a 26 year old daughter with trisomy-21. And this sweet girl, Samantha, took the time to make Fiona this beautiful blanket. We have been snuggling with it every night to keep warm in this cool weather.

Samantha, Fi loves to play with the fringe along the edges. Thank you so much for such a sweet gift.

 And something simple that the boys found joy in- some little stick-on rhinestones- or as they called them, "Dyyyee-munds!!" These little, shiny, round things kept them entertained for quite some time.

We went up to daddy's work tonight to hang out and watch some hockey. Actually, we went up there in hopes to go ice skating but there was a tournament going on. The boys went skating the other day for a good half hour, and we had to basically pry them off the ice. It's looking like its time for real hockey skates soon too, because they have mastered the double runners. Fiona is becoming quite accustom to the rink- all three of the kids have always been fascinated with that large, white sheet of ice. I'm sure my husband likes to think hockeys just in their blood :)

 There has been a lot of talk of Santa and Christmas lights in our house, Christmas lights are the boys "fabret!"  First thing, every morning, Breiden insists to turn on the lights on the tree. And even though we already went to see Santa, and they were too scared to go up to him, they can't stop talking about seeing Santa. Trying to explain the real meaning of Christmas is a little harder since our society doesn't really help promote it. Everywhere we turn, we see Santa, toys and those beautiful Christmas lights. I'm even seeing the Menorah more then ever. But that little baby that started it all, is very hard to find. In my search to find something to teach the kids about why we truly celebrate this day, I came across the Jesse Advent.
And while at 2 and a half I can barely get my boys to sit still for a prayer, I'm afraid they are a bit too young still to do this with them, but I'm keeping it in my archive for next year and on. (Along with Elf on the Shelf- definintely doing that next year as well! )

 Between working, Christmas shopping, crafting, playing with the kids and the million other things on my plate, Fi and I have been loving some camera time. I can't capture that cute little face enough. I'll leave you with some of my "fabrets"

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