Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thank you, Santa (and friends and family)


Woke up to a smiling baby, a warm sun peaking through the window shades, and the peaceful quiet before the storm. The boys were still sleeping. I am a giver, a perfect-gift finder. I thrive off seeing joy when someone gets something they really love. And I was pretty excited about the gifts I had found for my family this year. The boys loved their super hero capes, and Fiona will love hers too when she gets a bit bigger. Charlie was ecstatic about the hockey tickets, and our mini trip to Tampa ( Go Hawks!), and he equally surprised me with a new camera! I had to force myself to stop enjoying Christmas through the camera lens, it was so hard to put it down.

Christmas Eve was spent at Mimis. The boys had fun getting into everything they could get their hands on and we played pass the baby during dinner, taking turns eating. The kids got some pretty awesome gifts- cowboy hats for the boys and a Follow Me Fiona dog for Fiona ( how perfect?!). Charlie got tuperwear- oddly something he really wanted- and a very awesome Wii hunting game. And a huge surprise to me, I got my own sewing machine! Oh, and for all our Wisconsin family, thought you might like to know that Gavin insisted on wearing his Packer sweatshirt. Go Pack Go!

 You know it was a good Christmas when you have to force your kids to open more presents. Everything they opened, they loved, and wanted to play with right then. This was the first Christmas the boys were into it, and you could see in their baby blue eyes that they were completely overwhelmed with everything.  And Santa really delivered this year. For everyone. Thank you to all of our friends and family for spoiling our kids rotten.

We were completely overwhelmed, ourselves, with the generosity of some groups and a few individuals that gave to our family. We have been stressing about the up coming month and bills because I will be taking most of the month off for Fiona's surgery. God always provides, and we cannot thank those enough who gave us those generous Christmas gifts.

Fiona loved her first Christmas. Her eyes lit up with each gift we showed her, arms-a-flailin trying to reach for everything. And when everything had calmed down, boys off testing out all their new toys, she giggled! She really giggled. She thinks me wiggling her legs is funny :) I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift.

Enjoying my family, my sister and my three excited little kids. Off to watch my boys box with their new boxing gloves. Thanks Nana and Bumpa:)

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