Monday, January 24, 2011

Bunk Beds

Peoples generosity has left me in awe once again. A family that my husband knows through work, blessed us with really nice, very well taken care of, hand-me down bunk beds! And it couldn't have come at a better time. As much as I love my boys sharing a big bed, it has its down falls. Lately, they have been waking each other up with their flailing arms and legs. So, the big padded wrestling area is gone (well, moved back to the nursery for now, which is incredibly over crowded. Its okay, Fiona still doesn't sleep in there- yep, that night that I put her in her crib? She was back in our room by the time we went to bed). Its replaced by these perfect twin beds for my perfect twin boys :)

 I loath anything with characters, animals, bugs, cars, trains, trucks, airplanes, footballs, any kind of ball or anything with any kind of object printed on it. Even chartoonish flowers and hearts are borderline. I swore my kids would never wear anything with the above mentioned on it and most definitely they would never have rooms decorated in a theme. Blue and green is and always has been my them. But when we turned down the boys isle at Target to pick out their first, very own bed sheets, I loved how excited they got over the Thomas the Train sheets. I didn't even bother to show them the plain blue or green ones, I wanted them to be happy. They carried those sheets with such pride and could not wait to open them and help me make their beds.

I draw the line with sheets though, we are not over-boarding their room in a Thomas wonderland. And the sheets will mostly be covered up by the blankets and pillows I made for them. Enough of our house has been taken over by kids toys- the decor is my territory.

I'm nervous as all hell to have one of them on the top bunk, but thats the only way all their furniture fit in their room. I pretended not to see the tag that clearly states, for safety reasons, children under 6 should not be on the top bunk. We had a lesson with each of the boys how to safely use the ladder, and put up the railing that completely closes in the top bunk. Also, we carefully chose Gavin as our top bunker because Breiden wakes up at night more often. Buba is our bigger boy, so in the long run, this was probably the smarter choice.

The boys rushed to eat their ice cream so they could "Go take a nap".  They love having a space to call their own, and to sleep on Thomas, James, Percy, Gordon and Henry? Well that it their dream come true! Breiden kept remaking his bed, making sure the blankets were perfect in this place he can call his own. I can't wait to check on them later to see if they moved to share a bed or if they actually stay in their own beds. And I am praying that no one falls!

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  1. Your boys are adorable, and those bunk beds are great! I had my twin boys in a king bed before they got their bunk beds, too. They are ten now, and still want to be in the same room, in bunk beds.

    I found you while blog hopping. I'm a new GFC follower. I hope you'll follow back.


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