Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm exhausted all day, barely able to keep my heavy eyes open, until my kids fall asleep. A burst of energy from God knows where sweeps over me the second I close the boys bedroom door. All day, I dreamt of just closing my eyes but now I can't even force myself to sleep. And I know I will finally wind down just as my husband walks through the door from work, and I'll get a second wind and end up staying up far too late.

This burst of energy finally got my butt motivated to work out- its only been a year and 3 months since the last time I attempted to do anything traditionally active. I say traditionally because, technically, I work out every day just living life. I am a hands on, on the floor, playing with my kids kinda mom. And my twins constantly mistake me for a human jungle gym. I am climbed on, jumped on and swung from- my stomach and arms have never been stronger before in my life. But my back also has never been so messed up before either. Carrying twins took a big toll on my back. I already had slight scoliosis, but 12lbs worth of baby in my small frame made it even worse. On top of that being a hairdresser, carrying around 2 year old boys and now an infant car seat, its more twisted then ever. Losing baby weight came naturally to me (thank God!). I wish there was some crazy secret I could hand out on how to get in shape- but most of its nature. I'm young, I'm active, and I have a naturally good metabolism. When I hit 20, by body just balanced its self out, and minus two years of pregnancy, its stayed the same. Although I don't restrict my diet in anyway, I love healthy food- I crave fruit and veggies. The combo of what I love, how I live and how God made me makes staying thin relatively easy.

I work out more to feel good. Pilates, o how I've missed you! Just one 30 min session (and by session I mean good ol DVD in the living room session) and the pain in my back is a million times better. I feel taller, stronger and just more comfortable in general. Running is a therapy for me, but Pilates is like a quick fix pill. I instantly feel better. I love the idea of being a yoga girl, but I've tried and it just doesn't compare to Pilates in my book. Pilates is the perfect balance of slow resistance and stretching but still at a pace where I don't get bored.

As a teenager, I struggled with self image problems. I would work out hours on end, eat crazy diets and even went through a period of dealing with a horrible eating disorder. I spiralled through depression, obsessing over being thin. I ended up gaining weight instead of losing it and am actually a lot smaller now then I was back then. It is a horrible part of my past that I share with many other women. Something crazy like 98 percent of high school and college age women struggle with self image issues. Its one of my biggest fears for Fiona. After finding out she had Downs, the thought that she now probably won't deal with self image problems like "normal" girls was one of the firsts thoughts of comfort on the diagnosis.

I now strive to be healthy, not skinny, and have a healthy view on food and my image. And I know the importance of stressing health and not looks to my children. I want them to enjoy life to the fullest- something being lean and strong allows you to do. I am teaching my kids to eat to keep their hearts strong because heart disease is big in my family and keeping them active to stay lean to prevent diabetes which is also a problem in the family. The boys inherited my love for fresh food- they love all vegetables minus lima beans. Its actually harder to get them to eat the meat on their plate then the greens. We have our share of fried, baked and doughy goods as well, but its all in a healthy balance. So far, living my life with the motto "everything in moderation" has proven to work.

With Fiona nearing 6 months and getting stronger everyday, its time to start looking for a single stroller. Something that I can run with but is also small and compact and comfy for her. While my boys where walking at 9 months and rarely have used a stroller since, Fiona will most likely be using one for the next couple of years. I've given up my search for a stroller for all three because my girlfriend gave us a great Joovy sit and stand- Fiona clips in the front and the boys can both sit on the back seat. They rarely want to sit though, the seat is more for emergency situations when I need to get somewhere fast. So, I am on the hunt for the perfect jogging/functional/compact single stroller- suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you Amber for the stroller, it works perfectly!

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