Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go to Sleep, Sweet Pea

My daughter ate 900mls of milk today. That is 30 full ounces.

An infant should have an intake of about 24 ounces a day for sufficient weight and growth. Fiona not only crushed 24 ounces but kept going all the way to 30. The significance of this is mostly to the people who have struggled and fought with us the past 5 months to teach her to eat.

Babies with cardiac issues burn more calories then normal. Their tiny little hearts that are working double or triple time, keep their bodies in marathon running mode all day. They tire easily. And the number one work out for a baby is feeding time. Eating for Fiona, prior to surgery, was like running a 5K and then forcing yourself to sprint the second half. A lot of the time she didn't make it to the finish line. Many bottles were dumped down the drain less then half finished. And the scale inched forward with each weigh in, just a few ounces each month. Days that she drank 600mls/20 ounces were victorious days. But 20 ounces was still not nearly enough for a cardiac baby to gain weight.

Fiona was noticeably more energetic today. She was laughing and playing with every person that came in to check on her. Everything we feed her, she devoured- even the milk we mixed with her yucky medicines and vitamins. And for the first time in her life, she hit double digits on the scale. My little hazelnut ( something my friend Jae so cleverly called her because shes tinner then a peanut ), tipped the scale at 10.04lbs. After 7, yes 7 hours of playtime, sweet girl finally tuckered herself out. I'm watching her from across the room, she still has one eye slightly open, fighting the heaviness. My five month old is finally acting her age :). I'm very excited to get her off these monitors and free on the floor so we can start working with her PT and get her developmentally caught up. She is going to have the energy now for some good, quality tummy time. And maybe we can start retiring some of her newborn cloths and start using all the adorable 3 to 6 month outfits everyone has gotten her.

They took off one of her IVs today and gave her her left hand back. Man, was she one happy little girl.   That fist went straight in her mouth and only came out to eat. Alls looking good for a discharge tomorrow morning, but hopes are staying low until I've got little hazelnut packed up in the car. Can't wait for her little energetic self to get home to her brothers- or wait- maybe another day with just one crazy kid might be nice.

(watch out cousin Cal, Fiona is gunna giving you a run for your money)

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  1. Lol...Cal is a big boy! So happy to read she ate so much. Keep up the good work Fiona. You might be passing up Norah sooner than Cal:)


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