Sunday, January 9, 2011


The human body continues to amaze me.

Three days post open heart surgery, and my daughter has already healed drastically. Today she started cooing again, and even managed a few small smiles for us. She is down to just two tubes, and oxygen only some of the time. We are trying to stay away from the morphine, using just Tylenol as a pain reliever, and it seems to be sufficient enough.

Yesterday, we were able to hold her and today, we sat her up for a bit, let her relax in the swing, and got her in some warm jammies. She finally started eating a bit better tonight- we are so proud of her and so thankful for everything.

The staff hung toys all around her crib to entertain her when she is awake

She scrapped off a good chunk of her nose, trying to scratch at it with her boarded arms. They ended up putting weighted bean bags on her arms to keep her from making it worse.

The many wires and tubes attached and inserted in her stomach. Most of these came out today.

Sleep is one of the body's way of healing. And sleep, she does.

Getting her chest tube taken out. She had about a three inch tube, wrapped in her lungs, draining excess fluid. With this out, she was now a lot easier to move out of her bed and into our arms.

All the medicine and the IV pumps that regulate them into her through a central IV. Just two days ago, all of these were lit up green and distributing meds.

Wide eye and bushy tailed, and talking again.

She loves him. 

Her incision looks a million times better. Most of the bruising is gone or just yellowed and the swelling has completely gone down. After two sponge baths, we finally got all of the orange betadine off of her so she no longer looks like an umpa lumpa.

If she healed this quickly in just three days, she will be back to her sweet self in no time. 

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