Monday, January 31, 2011

On a Lighter Note

There is a time to worry, but there is also a time to enjoy what you have been blessed with. Like a Grandmother meeting her Granddaughter for the first time.

Work obligations and two other important additions to the family (our adorable nephew Calvin and our newest, littlest niece, Oliviah) kept my in-laws from making it down to meet Fiona. It was a long 5 and a half month wait. But how amazing to see your sweet blood smile back at you. We are looking forward with great anticipation to my father-in-law coming next week ( had to wait till after Super Bowl Sunday- Wisconsinites and their Packers! Love you, Bumpa)

We enjoyed a church picnic with another Grandma on Sunday, the kids running, like the wild boys they are, in the open grass and hill. We were fighting nap time and a little on the cranky side, but it was still nice to be out on such a beautiful day with amazing people.

The boys still whine about going to bed, but they barely put up a fight. And once they are down, they sleep like they have never slept before. Ahh, peaceful slumber without being kicked randomly through the night. I didn't realize how badly they needed their own beds. We have been enjoying popcorn movie nights with this Target dollar section find- popcorn containers. I love me a good movie night.

Fionas getting chunky! Rolls are forming on her little arms and legs and I think we may be working on a triple chin. She's still small as a hazelnut but you can tell shes been packing on some weight. We have been enjoying some late night play time, something that I truly savor, just being alone with my happy girl. Shes still sleeping through the night but instead of 9-9 she has been staying up with me till about 11. I'm lovin those two extra hours, but my body is begging me to get better sleep.

These things, these faces- sweetness that is still right in this world. Drinking it in.

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