Sunday, January 16, 2011

One of those Great nights

My night looked something like this.

Fiona is eating every 2 hours now and sucking me dry. I feel like I am just constantly pumping. In between making her food and feeding her, I under took the job of shorting the boys toys for donation. Half of them are going to Good Will, and half of what was left is organized and out of the kids reach, only to be brought out with supervision. At least, that is the plan. We got tired of stepping on army guys and slipping on matchbox cars. Plus, less to clean up leaves me with more time to take pictures of these cuties.

I love my children's blue eyes- the boys, that are so glass blue they are almost see-through and Fiona's silvery blue eyes that seem to have sparkle with their metallic hue. So much for my chocolate brown eyes being dominate.

The boys, and Fiona for that matter, just would not go to bed tonight. They actually took a nap today and had all the energy in the world. Man, where they talkative. Breiden has taken on the responsibility of bossing Gavin around and telling him to go to his room if he doesn't like what he is doing. As cute as that is, its starting to become a big problem. And the sad thing is that Gavin listens to him like a beaten puppy.  Its a fine balance of teaching right and wrong, respect and authority while also showing Gavin to stick up for himself. These tiffs are far and few- thankfully, they play well together most of the time. And with Fiona, too. They share all their toys with her, even their beloved trains.

And my husband, who works late and usually comes home to a sleeping house hold, had one of those great daddy moments. He stepped out of his car to the sound of his sons knocking on the garage door, yelling, "Daddy home! Daddy home!" They tackled him with hugs and barely let him get through the door, jumping and dancing. Fiona and I were there to great him too, and he got kisses from everyone before he even put his bag down.

Gavin and Breiden could not contain themselves, talking a mile a minute, telling Charlie everything that came to mind and ordering him where to sit and what to do " Daddy sit! Daddy sit here, sit us." " Daddy wear hat, hat backward" I watched my husband beam with his daughter in his arms and his boys completely wrapped up in him. They just kept repeating, "I missed you so much, Daddy" with the occasional "I missed you so much, Mommy", which I think got blurted out by accident in their excitement.

My camera took this moment to run out of batteries. I got one picture in of this scene that went on for a good 20 minutes. The things that were coming out of the boys mouths! Both of us kept saying we need to be video taping this. But, that battery was dead too. So I tried to soak in everything the best I could to save in my memory.

Gavin was looking for a ball under our bed and found the coal car to Breiden's Henry the Train, which had been missing for two days. Breiden jumped off the bed, clapped his hands together " My Henry piece!" He did a lap around the house in celebration of his long-lost toy and came running back in our room, collapsed on the bed and said, "Gabin, I so happy you foun my Henry piece!". My gosh, I know I am not explaining this as amazing as it was to watch.

Its like Fiona was staying awake just to see daddy too, because she crashed shortly after he got home. And I placed her in her crib for the first time to sleep there at night, ever. Its been an hour and so far so good. But we'll see how long I last laying in bed, staring at the video monitor. We should start a bet  to see how quickly I cave.

Oh, and one more thing. I have been taking pictures almost daily of Fiona's incision- look at todays! The body's healing process continues to amaze me.

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