Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Social Media

My kids are growing up in a very different culture then I did as a kid. Words such as skype, blog, text messaging and I-anything did not exist in my childhood. I find myself having a strong love-hate relationship with our technological advances.

There are a ridiculous amount of pros. Life is easier- its easier to keep on schedule when your phone has a calendar that alerts you of each task on your never-ending to-do list. Its easier to communicate and keep in touch with loved ones all over the world- I can not only talk to my sweet nieces and nephews, but I can actually see their silly facial expressions. Technology keeps us on track with people's birthdays, engagement announcements, all the adorable things everyones babies are doing, pregnancy bumps, and break ups. I know more about whats going on in peoples lives from elementary school then I do of my own husband.

And this is when I start to hate social media. I find myself turning to the computer instead of talking to  a person. While it is amazing that technology allows us to keep in touch with people we would have not been able to 'back when I was a kid', a 1,000+ "friends" is a lot to keep up with. If I keep spreading myself that thin, how much am I saving for real, deep, meaningful relationships?

  I... am a Facebook addict. Ten times worse now that all my friends are getting married and having kids. I love reading about other peoples joys, and even more, I am encouraged by how many people find strength in hard times. Its quick and easy to keep in touch with everyone this way- incredibly convenient. But, I sometimes wonder at what cost. How well do people really know me? How well do I really know my 200 something so-called Facebook "friends"? And how often do I stop living to engage in social media? Sadly, probably way more then I would like to admit.

My motto in life is, "Everything in moderation". Its time to start applying it to technology- for the sake of my marriage, for the sake of my kids and for the sake of staying real. If it weren't for my husband, I would just throw the TV out. That is the easiest media for me to cut out of my life. Nothing disgusts me more then everyone sitting around together, but staring mindlessly at the TV screen. I know I am going to have to start small with Facebook- going cold turkey would definitely put me through withdrawals. I took the app off my phone a few weeks ago, and now its time to cut down computer time.   So, I'm limiting myself to just one day a week to check it.

Now, blogging is different. I do this for Gavin, Breiden and Fiona. This is their scrapbook for them to look back on and know what life was like and who their mom was. The benefits of doing this for them out weigh anything negative. But I can prioritize my time better so that I am not on the computer missing family time or the little time my husband and I get alone. Shame on me for ever cutting in on that time.

And G, B and Fi- I pray that we raise you to be real, engaging people. People who care deeply for others but never become consumed with what other people think of you. There is only one person to impress and whose opinion matters- Gods. He doesn't need Facebook or twitter to know whats going on in your life.

I know most could care less that I am doing this, but putting it out there is kinda holding me accountable. If I am caught on stinkin Facebook all the time, I'm obviously not holding up to my word. No turning back :)

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