Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank You

I have been waiting for this feeling for over a year now. This feeling of complete calmness. I would be lying if I said that there was not one worry on my mind now, because, I am after all, a mom of three. There is always going to be something to worry about when you love someone as I much as I do my family. But its a different kind of worry. Those every day worries of car accidents and sicknesses, broken bones and broken hearts, they don't consume your mind. Not the same way you worry when you know the exact date and time of a life-changing risk.

Fiona is doing unbelievable- literally, I don't believe that she had a major surgery just a week ago. We came home last night to our three men waiting for us with a welcome home sign. Two little boys, who were more happy that Fona was home then mommy, and a daddy who was ecstatic to have his girls back. Fiona's heart isn't the only one that is now calm.

Thank you again to everyone who has thought and prayed for our family over the last year. Your kind, encouraging words have help tremendously through the worst of it all. I know I have said that before, but its something that cannot be said enough. God has showed us His faithfulness through the many of you who felt lead to give us generous gifts- gifts that, with out fail, were given at exact times that we received bills that we could not pay. And just recently, as we were stressing over making ends meet, with me being out of work for Fiona's surgery, we received the exact amount from a few different groups and individuals that we needed to cover the month. Philippians 4:19 
 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Not too long ago, I wrote that I couldn't wait for the day that Fiona's heart surgery was behind us. And just like with the anxiousness we had awaiting her birth day, we would one day blink and the surgery would be behind us. It's already a week past the scariest day I have ever had as a mother. And to the mothers out there who have watched their sweet blessings under-go open heart surgery that have shared their stories with me and rooted and prayed with us for a smooth and positive outcome for Fiona- thank you. You all have gone through my scary day before, some of you numerous times with more to come, and I will be praying for your children just as your prayed for mine. 

My girlfriend's niece made this awesome card for Fiona. This girl has already been through three heart surgeries and is one incredible young lady. She truly has been an inspiration to our family.
Makenna, thank you for this handmade card for Fi- its going in her scrap book for sure. You will always be someone she can look up to, and shes excited to have matching scars with you as well!

I am tempted to video tape Fiona laughing, because it the cutest thing I ever heard (well, that may be an exaggeration, but it is stinkn' cute). Giggles, and squeaks and little bursts of noises. But in order to do that would also mean I would have to video tape all the ridiculous sounds that I am making in the background to get her to laugh. So instead, I take pictures of the cute faces she makes. And I'll leave you with what I get to look at all day


  1. I'm so glad to know that little Fiona is doing so well! I've been thinking about you all this past week. Give her a hug and a smooch for me!

  2. Hello! I am an expectant mom and my husband and I have recently found out our baby girl will have to have the same surgery as Fiona. I have been doing lots of research and found your blog. Thank you for sharing everything. It was so helpful to see the process, the scar, your faith, and that she is OK!

    1. katharine, I am so glad this brought you comfort! I tried looking up your blog but it must be private? I don't think you will be notified that I replied to your comment, but on the off chance you read this, I am here for you if you have any questions and will be keeping you and baby in my prayers. I keep my email private now due to some inappropriate emails but you can look me up on facebook if you ever want to talk :)


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