Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fiona meet Fiona

Against common assumption, we did not name our daughter after Princess Fiona from Shrek. Although we do refer to her as Princess Fiona, we got the name from a little princess that lives just across the street from us.

My husband and I had the hardest time finding a girls name that we loved when we were expecting the twins. Crazy over-prepare me was actually stressing about this before our 16 week ultrasound, and was completely relieved when we found out we were having two boys so I didn't have to worry about it any more. (Tid-bit- we had Gavin's name picked out the night that we read the positive pregnancy test, and named our first born Gavin because it was the first name we had chosen) Anyway, we moved into our current house when the twins were 4 months old. Across the street, was a beautiful couple and a curly, brunette little girl with big blue eyes. I am not sure how we actually introduced ourselves, but as soon as I heard that sweet girls name, I fell in love with it. Fiona.

We have always been friendly neighbors, saying hi in passing, out walking with the kids or just coming and going from the house. But it wasn't until a run in at the grocery store a month ago that we realized a friendship we were missing out on. I am not sure what compels me to tell some people about Fiona (my Fiona)  and not others. Some I blurt out her story to the second I meet them, and others I let it stay under the rug. We ran into each other in a shopping isle and that urge to tell her overwhelmed me. And as I spoke,  I saw it in her eyes- that she knew exactly what I was going through- and I felt like I was talking to an old friend as she proceeded to tell me her own journey with their second daughter.

An unexpected pregnancy to their beautiful Piper (same big blue eyes) turned frightening as just less then a day after her birth they noticed she was having seizures. Seizures that turned out to be  caused from an in-utero stroke. Our daughters diagnosis are different, but that feeling of- your world spinning out of control as they tell you they are not sure what is going on but something is terribly wrong- is the same. We sat today and swapped stories of our worst nightmares and the miracles our girls turned out to be, as the older three played together. Little Piper is now an active, fully functioning 18 month old, that was doing a pretty good job of keeping up with her big sister and my twins. And baby Fiona was squirming to get off my lap to join them as well.

My neighbor is an amazing mommie to talk to. Her outlook and positive attitude toward truly savoring and enjoying every blessing you get, no matter how messy it is, is such an encouragement. Its a shame it took us this long to get to know each other, but I am looking forward to this new found friendship.

Shes a blogger too! Nap time Experiment

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fixing Fiona

Pediatrician, Cardiologist, Pulminologist, Neurologist, Orthopedic Specialist, Audiologist, Optometrist, Gastroenterologist, Speech Therapist, Physical Therapist, Infant-Toddler Development Specialist ...

These are all the doctors and specialist Fiona sees on a regular basis. A lot of "ists" to fit in each month, and three we see every week. Much of our time spent in waiting rooms and exam rooms with doctors running behind. My favorite, are the 10 minute appointments that we drive 4 hours for.

Thankfully, Orthopedics is here in town. Actually, now almost all her her specialists have been transferred to local ones. Which is great for the mileage on the minivan. However, since we are in a smaller area, these specialists are the only ones in this area. That makes scheduling appointments in their overly booked schedules a headache. Today, Fiona got her casts back on.

Last pictures of crooked feet...

 Love my new Phil and Ted Smart Stroller! Lots of research for a good single stroller paid off and for the first time do not have any regret on a stroller purchase. Unless you are not a mom, you probably don't understand.

We walked into the office, on time, and literally every one of the 20 plus chairs in the waiting room was taken.  An hour and ten minutes later, it was finally our turn. And by that time I was running out of bribes to keep the boys well behaved- having all three and by my self at the doctors appointments makes for an interesting outing. The bottle that I had brought for Fiona to calm her down during the casting process had long ago been consumed and she was screaming her head off. When the doctor said next week to plan her feeding for this time, I had to grind my teeth to keep from rudely stating that I had, but he ran behind.

Needless to say, casting at 6 months was way worse then casting at 1 month. She didn't care one bit to be held down, and it seemed to hurt her more, the pulling and twisting her feet into the new position. And protective brother Breiden could not stand his sister being so upset. He started yelling at the doctor to "stop hurt Fona!" and then turned his head away and started to cry. That's when I picked the boys up and put them on the table so they could watch and we could explain that she was just upset, not hurt. Fiona immediately turned her head back to see her brothers and the screaming muted to just whimpers. The bond between my kids is an amazing thing to witness. I truly believe Fiona would not be doing so well if it weren't for her brothers.

So princess is five pounds heavier and extremely worn out. I was planning on putting her in her crib tonight, but I think I may keep her by our bed one more night. She has a beautiful nursery that I fear she may never use- I keep finding excuses to keep her sleeping close to us. It has to be soon though, she is very much out growing that little moses basket.

(side note- the boys are spinning in the kitchen next to me while I wrote this, and I just heard Breiden tell Gavin, "Gabin, you doing so great! " God, I love them!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Someone noticed the other day that I have been extra smiley lately. Like I was glowing. And no, I am not pregnant, although, I have to say, that my husbands vasectomy brought zero comfort and I still freak every month that I may be. I really had to stop and think why I was so happy lately and I landed on that life is just good in this moment. After a long year of bad news upon bad news, nothing but goodness has been surrounding me lately.

The sun has been shining for 2 weeks straight now- a drought that is bad for the plants but good for my soul. I have been carpe diem-ing every chance I get. And its not just the good times outdoors we have been enjoying, but also the little nothingness stuff that goes on in our house. Like how this morning, I went to pick up Fiona from her bassinet and she gave me the biggest smile and said "hiya". Okay, so she made a noise that sounded like hiya, but I like to pretend she was saying hi. Just like when she babbles "mama" I like to believe she did it on purpose.

Or that we are trying to teach Fiona how to hold her own bottle, and her big brother Gavin comes to the rescue when she drops it and helps her hold it again. Something we never told him to do, he just knew his sister needed help.

The boys' new at-home attire has changed from diaper butts to big boy pants- still rare that they wear actual clothing in the house. Except, lately they have added their "cool shoes" (Crocs) to just the underwear look. Funniest sight ever, seeing them in nothing but Thomas the Train underpants (usually on backwards, so they can see the trains, of course) and Crocs, leaning against the couch with their sippy cups. And one of the most exciting things that gets yelled through our house is, "Mommy, I really big poop!" Potty trained- CHECK!

My husband is head-over-heels in love with another girl. Our girl. And I am totally fine sharing him with her. He got home from work the other night and all the kids where asleep. We were sitting, together, just talking and relaxing in the living room ( I probably was knitting and he was probably watching TV), and Fiona made a slight little whimper. I watched as my husband's face lit up, he rushed to her and rocked her to sleep in his arms until I suggested we go to bed. It was like he was waiting for her to wake up just to hold her. I can't fully explain, there is something about watching the man who swept you off your feet, turn to mush around his little girl. Its different then how he is with the boys. He is so proud of his boys, but so protective of his girl. He would do anything for those three.

We are getting ready to say buh-bye to Fiona's sweet crooked feet. Tomorrow starts the casting processes that I have been dreading to restart. I have grown to love her turned in feet and the way that she tucks them so cozily around her body. And she has grown to love playing with her feet. I fear the devastation when she can't get to them. The casts cover entirely both legs- from diaper to toes- and they are heavy. They will add another instant 5lbs to our peanut. As cute as her crooked feet are, they must be fixed. So, we will battle through the next 2 years with the casts and the boots. And we will continue to work with her physical therapist to make sure that she doesn't fall too far behind. Man, can Fiona get around. You turn your head for one second and she has rolled her way to the other side of the room. I always know when she has flipped onto her tummy. A tiny, frustrated grunt and yell comes from her little mouth that keeps excelertating until she makes it once again to her back. The main thing that gets her moving is trying to follow her brothers. Her eyes stay on them like a hawk, and she is noticeably more content when they are near her.

We also said buh-bye to Nana and Bumpa today who are headed back to the cold and snow covered north. Thank you so much for the wonderful month-long visit and for all the help with the kids! Hate the distance, but despite their constant efforts to persuade us, we can't leave this warm weather. The sun keeps me sane. And apparently has given me a nice glow as well. I am truly happy from the inside out and am off to enjoy some more sweet nothingness with my family.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carrie with Children

I am guest blogging for Carrie With Children today about Southwest Florida. Enjoy!


Monday, February 21, 2011

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking

And the good times just keep rollin.

Fiona went swimming for the first time. With just a small window of opportunity in between getting the okay for going in water after her heart surgery and getting her casts put on her legs again (happening this Friday), I wanted to make sure I took her for a dip in the pool. The next time she will be able to go again wont be till after her first birthday.

 The only snow and ice my kids will see this year. The boys had a blast ice skating with their Dad, and I humbly attempted to help out too... its only been 7 years or so since I last ice skated. Side note- must remember to bring gloves next time.

Fiona had her 6 month check up. Shes back on the charts people, in the 1 percentile! Sweet love is 12 lbs and 2 ounces and growing. Haven't put her numbers on the Down syndrome charts I have at home, but she seems to be average on those stats. As you can see, we are still fighting her first real cold, which the entire house hold has gotten as well. Shes a happy little sick baby and more congested in her eyes then in her nose.


And then, some more of this. Because, well, I just like to rub it in to my northern friends. While you all just got another foot-plus of snow, we tanned our already tan skin at the beach again. Sending some warm sun rays your way.

Happy shoveling!
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