Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fiona meet Fiona

Against common assumption, we did not name our daughter after Princess Fiona from Shrek. Although we do refer to her as Princess Fiona, we got the name from a little princess that lives just across the street from us.

My husband and I had the hardest time finding a girls name that we loved when we were expecting the twins. Crazy over-prepare me was actually stressing about this before our 16 week ultrasound, and was completely relieved when we found out we were having two boys so I didn't have to worry about it any more. (Tid-bit- we had Gavin's name picked out the night that we read the positive pregnancy test, and named our first born Gavin because it was the first name we had chosen) Anyway, we moved into our current house when the twins were 4 months old. Across the street, was a beautiful couple and a curly, brunette little girl with big blue eyes. I am not sure how we actually introduced ourselves, but as soon as I heard that sweet girls name, I fell in love with it. Fiona.

We have always been friendly neighbors, saying hi in passing, out walking with the kids or just coming and going from the house. But it wasn't until a run in at the grocery store a month ago that we realized a friendship we were missing out on. I am not sure what compels me to tell some people about Fiona (my Fiona)  and not others. Some I blurt out her story to the second I meet them, and others I let it stay under the rug. We ran into each other in a shopping isle and that urge to tell her overwhelmed me. And as I spoke,  I saw it in her eyes- that she knew exactly what I was going through- and I felt like I was talking to an old friend as she proceeded to tell me her own journey with their second daughter.

An unexpected pregnancy to their beautiful Piper (same big blue eyes) turned frightening as just less then a day after her birth they noticed she was having seizures. Seizures that turned out to be  caused from an in-utero stroke. Our daughters diagnosis are different, but that feeling of- your world spinning out of control as they tell you they are not sure what is going on but something is terribly wrong- is the same. We sat today and swapped stories of our worst nightmares and the miracles our girls turned out to be, as the older three played together. Little Piper is now an active, fully functioning 18 month old, that was doing a pretty good job of keeping up with her big sister and my twins. And baby Fiona was squirming to get off my lap to join them as well.

My neighbor is an amazing mommie to talk to. Her outlook and positive attitude toward truly savoring and enjoying every blessing you get, no matter how messy it is, is such an encouragement. Its a shame it took us this long to get to know each other, but I am looking forward to this new found friendship.

Shes a blogger too! Nap time Experiment

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