Friday, February 25, 2011

Fixing Fiona

Pediatrician, Cardiologist, Pulminologist, Neurologist, Orthopedic Specialist, Audiologist, Optometrist, Gastroenterologist, Speech Therapist, Physical Therapist, Infant-Toddler Development Specialist ...

These are all the doctors and specialist Fiona sees on a regular basis. A lot of "ists" to fit in each month, and three we see every week. Much of our time spent in waiting rooms and exam rooms with doctors running behind. My favorite, are the 10 minute appointments that we drive 4 hours for.

Thankfully, Orthopedics is here in town. Actually, now almost all her her specialists have been transferred to local ones. Which is great for the mileage on the minivan. However, since we are in a smaller area, these specialists are the only ones in this area. That makes scheduling appointments in their overly booked schedules a headache. Today, Fiona got her casts back on.

Last pictures of crooked feet...

 Love my new Phil and Ted Smart Stroller! Lots of research for a good single stroller paid off and for the first time do not have any regret on a stroller purchase. Unless you are not a mom, you probably don't understand.

We walked into the office, on time, and literally every one of the 20 plus chairs in the waiting room was taken.  An hour and ten minutes later, it was finally our turn. And by that time I was running out of bribes to keep the boys well behaved- having all three and by my self at the doctors appointments makes for an interesting outing. The bottle that I had brought for Fiona to calm her down during the casting process had long ago been consumed and she was screaming her head off. When the doctor said next week to plan her feeding for this time, I had to grind my teeth to keep from rudely stating that I had, but he ran behind.

Needless to say, casting at 6 months was way worse then casting at 1 month. She didn't care one bit to be held down, and it seemed to hurt her more, the pulling and twisting her feet into the new position. And protective brother Breiden could not stand his sister being so upset. He started yelling at the doctor to "stop hurt Fona!" and then turned his head away and started to cry. That's when I picked the boys up and put them on the table so they could watch and we could explain that she was just upset, not hurt. Fiona immediately turned her head back to see her brothers and the screaming muted to just whimpers. The bond between my kids is an amazing thing to witness. I truly believe Fiona would not be doing so well if it weren't for her brothers.

So princess is five pounds heavier and extremely worn out. I was planning on putting her in her crib tonight, but I think I may keep her by our bed one more night. She has a beautiful nursery that I fear she may never use- I keep finding excuses to keep her sleeping close to us. It has to be soon though, she is very much out growing that little moses basket.

(side note- the boys are spinning in the kitchen next to me while I wrote this, and I just heard Breiden tell Gavin, "Gabin, you doing so great! " God, I love them!)


  1. Your daughter is so adorable! And when you said that her big brother got all protective and concerned....really got me. They are all so lucky to have each other! Hope that everything turns out well.

  2. It is just heartbreaking to have to hold your kid down for medical procedures! It's one of my very unfavoritest things about mommyhood!

    I love that bond between your sons and Fiona - how special they will continue to be to eachother!


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