Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Life is going in fast motion. So much is happening, I can't even cover the million amazing things that I want to capture forever. And they really are nothing significant. No first steps or major life announcements- just normal, every day, little amazing steal-my-heart moments with my family. Its like Fiona's heart getting fixed made my own heart stronger- I am feeling everything so much deeper in that organ that somehow keeps making more room for the things I love. And I realized lately, hearts have been on my mind- must be the upcoming holiday.

I have been getting crafty, making valentines and headbands and skirts for Fiona's up coming photo shoot. And you better believe we went all out for the Packers! The boys had a blast decorating the house with green and yellow streamers, sporting their Rogers and Driver jerseys and yelling "GO PACK GO!". We told the boys that number 80 was Gavin and number 12 was Breiden, and when Driver did a little dance after making a play, Gavin did a dance too. I played dressed up with Fiona, making her a tutu and headband, and I do believe she is the cutest little Packer fan you ever did see. (Nana customized Fi's Packer shirt, how cute?!)

                                                   Brother - Sister love...

 Sister beating up brother....

 Hockey Helmet and Football

Daddy came home just in time for the last two minutes of the game. We listened on the car radio on the ride home from the airport the Packers interception that sealed the deal for our 2010-2011 season champs. I have about 100 something in-laws in Wisco that made so much noise I could almost hear them down here.

Its nice to have my family back together, close enough to hug all at once. My mommy/wife heart is back to a normal pace.

Not to brag, but I totally am, we have been having amazing weather. Nothing makes me happier then seeing my boys happy, and boy are they happy in the water.

We had a girls play date with our friend Viv to help out her Mommy in a babysitting situation. Vivienne and Fiona had a raspberry-sound making war and Viv attacked Fi's face while Fiona laughed. It was a good play date.

Fiona is playing with her feet - working on those fine motor skills! She loves her right foot particularly.

The boys got their own fishing poles with Nana and Daddy and went fishing this afternoon. B caught his first fish all by himself - he was excited but sad because "My fish ate my worm" (Gavin reeled really fast, and they cheered him on, but no luck) and my husband taught B how to tell a fishing story. If you ask Breiden how big his fish was, he stretches his arms out as far as he can and says "Thiiiis big!" Over exaggerating like a true man.

This is the gator that lives in our backyard. Understand now why I check the pool before hoping in? We have to keep a close eye on were he is hanging out in the lake when we are out fishing (we? ya I don't fish, I meant they) We keep asking for him to be removed. I guess they are waiting for him to attack first- real comforting.

These are the events that happened the last few days, but its all the stuff in between, that didn't make it to film, that really filled my heart. The stuff that I was too busy living to stop and capture for memories. And, as time does, most of it has already slipped my mind. But the feeling of pure happiness lingers- the laugh lines got a little deeper from the crazy conversations I have with my talkative toddlers, my fingers are a little stronger from tickling my very ticklish little girl, who is working on her own laugh lines as well. And I continue to fall head over heels for my family as my heart keeps stretching with more love.


  1. I love Fiona's Packer tutu! and the boys seem to have enjoyed the football frenzy as well! I am still in WI, hoping to move to warmer climate some day, so I also enjoyed your sunny FL photos, except for the gator! (shudder!!) have a wonderful week! Faythe @ GMT~

  2. Your kids are adorable. That's a crazy {unwanted} pet to have to look out for...that would scare the heebeejeebees outta me if I came upon it...yikes. looks like your kids are enjoying the nice weather..we have lots of fluffy white stuff outside our door. My poor car hasn't been outta the garage in a week. Thanks for linking up to the hop I enjoyed your captured moments of time! Swing by undeserving grace when you get a chance!

  3. Hello, I'm a new GFC Follower of your blog :) follow back if you like thanks so much!!


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