Monday, February 14, 2011

Make it real

I never gave much weight to Valentines Day as a true holiday. Definitely a Hallmark holiday, something made up to boost chocolate and flower sales, put pressure on men, and make singles depressed. But my cynicalness about the day (and those of you from Michigan and Ohio, same goes for Sweetest Day in October) is wearing off. If you think about it, each American holiday really has two versions- the real version and the version our society emphasizes. Christmas gets hidden in Santa, presents and mistletoe, Easter gets taken over by bunnies and colored eggs, Valentines Day becomes more about the stuff (when did a valentine change from a card to a $1000 necklace?), and if it wasn't that "thanks" was is in Thanksgiving, that would get completely overlooked by football and turkeys. The real reason for Valentines Day is a day to celebrate Love.

So, it may be a made-up, silly holiday but life is short- so why not make up reasons to celebrate good things? Love is definitely a good thing, and relationships should probably have more then just one day (or 2 depending on where you live) a year to celebrate it. While I still frown upon using the day to guilt your man in spending a fortune on heart shaped and diamond studded jewelry or even a ridiculously beautiful bouquet of flowers that will die tomorrow, I am all about the celebration part. So, today we escaped to the beach to watch the little loves of our life shine, and tonight we put some gift cards and the free-grandparent sitters to use and spent a night out alone. And although I swear up and down to my hubby that I don't want anything, he fell under the pressures this holiday places on men and got me a little gift as well. Welcomed, of course, but  I really, truly am just happy to spend this time together. ( No, babe, that is not me playing a women mind game, seriously, I don't weigh your love for me through what you get me).

Crystal blue Sky and Sparkling blue waters- out shines any gift :) And it just wouldn't be a day at the beach in Southwest Florida if we didn't see a dolphin. We saw two!

Sweet baby toes touching sand for the first time. Nearing 6 months, Fi is finally old enough for some fun in the sun. Loving her itty-bitty bathing suit.

Little Love also found her shadow today, and as I moved her arms, I watched her precious eyes follow the movements on the ground. I learned that our tiny peanut is right-handed, as she deliberately reached across her body with her right hand to grab the shovel. Just love learning who she is.

We had a little something extra to celebrate this year- our littlest love is going on 6 months already. Bumpa finally met his tiny sweet heart today, 2 days shy of her 6 month birthday, and we celebrated her life and our love for her with a cake and lots of sweet kisses.

 How cute are the birdie valentines from Nana? And not pictured, Mimi brought over chocolate goodies for the boys and a fluffy stuffed animal for Fi.

Mommy's red kiss- an odd day that I wear lipstick for this exact reason- gets in the way of kissing my loves.

Amongst the many things I pray for for my kids, is that they find spouses who treasure them as the greatest gift. For my boys, women who get more excited about just being with them then if they get a little blue box, and for Fiona, a man who cherishes her more then any diamond. And I pray that my husband and mines relationship is a lighthouse for them. That the way we treat each other shines bright to lead them in the right path. Because someday, when we hand over our kids to the loves of their lives, I want to see them shine.

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