Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Proud Momma

I am so proud of these three.

Look closely- no diapers!

I came home from work today to find Fiona playing on her belly... head held high and up on her elbows! This is huge people! I have never before seen her have such head control. No sloppy, jerky, flip of the head but slow, smooth, controlled movements. SOOO proud of my princess.

And I am proud to announce... the boys are well on their way to being POTTY TRAINED! Weeks of telling them, " When Nana gets here, we are saying buh-bye to diapers", and my amazing mother-in-law staying on top of them for the last two days, I now have two boys who, with out even telling anyone, will go to the bathroom, do their business, and flush the toilet. Look at all the stickers they have accumulated in the last two days! There have been lots of high-fives and hugs and celebratory dances in our house lately.

Its not just using the potty, but they have been dressing themselves (and wearing clothes all day), putting on their own shoes and buckling themselves in their car seats. In a few weeks I went from having toddlers to having little boys. 
Sorry B and G, I just had too. And yes, this will probably be used as blackmail when you are older.

There were a few accidents, including when Gavin went on the potty but forgot to pull his pants down, but for day two, I am floored with how well they are doing. Since I have been home, they each have gone three times- no prompting, no pushing- they just got up, went potty and came running out asking for another sticker.

I am beaming from ear to ear- this is one proud momma.

Potty-training tips:
-Wait till they are ready!!!
-Talk it up like its the coolest thing ever
-Buy underwear with their favorite character... Thomas the Train is our choice
-Have a reward system- big fan of the stickers because its something they can look at and see their accomplishments.


  1. Yay Nana Barb!!!! Wow, she's a super mom (or should I say Grandma) just like you Shay. So happy for the boys and so happy for you.

  2. Yep Barb is an amazing very patient Grandma

  3. Thanks for following!

    I guess one reason they didn't know is because we didn't have tests done whole I was pregnant. but I think they knew the day he was born. Were bitter, haha.

    I'm excited to get to know you and your family!

  4. WOW... great job mommy and twins. Pretty soon, potty training will just be a memory.


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