Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two Miracles

There has to be a baby boom going on. I thought maybe its just the age I am at, but friends from ages 20-40 have all gotten pregnant in the last few years. Tabloids are covered with celebrity pregnancies (maybe they always have been, but I never notice because it didn't relate to me?) and everywhere I look I see big bellies and little babies. I knew 17 babies born last year, and 27 people who were pregnant at some point last year. As we moved onto 2011, the babies continue to be born and I continue to get more and more announcements of pregnant friends.

With such high numbers of pregnancies, I am hearing more tragedies then normal as well too. Miscarriages and stillbirths, birth defects and complications. I have mourned with some of their painful, unimaginable loses, and celebrated with others unbelievable miracles. And an incredible army of people were by our side through everything we went through with Fiona. People who cried with us through the hard parts and cheered with us over every hill conquered. In the end, our story is good. There is no tragedy to be told here. And thankfully, another good friend can say the same.

She called me to tell the amazing news that she was expecting the week before I found out I was as well. I cheered with her when they found out it was a baby girl in her tummy and she cheered with me when we found out we were getting our little girl and with due dates just a month apart, almost to the day, we looked forward to our little girls growing up together.

My pregnancy got drastically altered with Fiona's heart condition and Down syndrome diagnosis, and just a few months later my girlfriends health took a turn for the worst and her pregnancy was drastically put at risk. Preclampsia. Baby Emma was born 8 weeks early, just 3 something lbs and not quiet fully developed. I held that tiny peanut ,when she finally was healthy enough to come home, on my big pregnant belly as Fiona kicked inside me. And I'll never forget the day Emma came home, a month after she was born, on my birthday :) 2 months later, we brought Fiona home after our short, in comparison, two week stay in the NICU.

These are our miracle girls. Two little fighters who beat the odds that were against them. And 5 months after meeting for the first time, they are both off monitors and have most of their major medical issues behind them.

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