Friday, March 25, 2011

Cookie, please!!!

There is a major mom-verse-kids food war going on in my house. Simultaneously, we have hit two stages were neither baby nor twins wants to eat.

For the last month we have been trying to introduce solid foods to Fiona with no luck. There have been the occasional mommy victory, where she eats a bowl of rice cereal (and by bowl we are talking maybe two tsp tops) or a good five spoonfuls of sweet potatoes. I have tried everything, heating-cooling-room temperature, runny-thick-mushy, homemade and store bought. She spits it all out. Her old white casts have orange splatter stains from her blowing raspberries mid bite of mushed carrots, so it seems we have an extremely picky eater on our hands. Quite opposite from how our boys were.

From day one of introducing "real" food to my boys, they loved pretty much everything. I think bananas was the only thing that took getting used to because they were so slimy. And vegetables, well those are like desert for them. My boys love greens. If you put steak and lettuce on their plate, they will eat the lettuce. Eating healthy has never been an issue, but eating substance has. And lately we have entered the toddler phase, "I don't want anything but cookies and popsicles" First thing every morning, I am greeted by Breiden with, "pur-ple pos-i-cul", and Gavin has mastered the puppy eyed looked as he sweetly looks up at me and asks, "cookie?". Meal after meal goes hardly touched, and I cringe as I scrape our hard earned money from their plates down the garbage disposal. Its just their age. I have talked to moms who swore that if it weren't for milk, their kids would not lived through the toddler years.

There was once a point and time that I enjoyed a good meal. But food has become merely a part of my survival kit. Ever since having Fiona, food just doesn't stir up excitement- my taste buds seem to have gone on strike and don't care to work anytime soon. But more likely its that I don't take the time often to make a good meal for me. Cooking needs to be quick for me to be able it, and the quick meals are either plain and over used, like spaghetti, or expensive like seafood. Spending money on good meals is such a waste when my kids throw more then half of their helpings in the garbage, and there is no way I am making separate meals for them and us all the time.

With Fiona, its nice because she has such a good team helping her. I can just call her speech therapist and she'll come teach me how to get my peanut to explore her taste buds. (Which is in the works in the next few weeks) But the boys, this is a phase that I can only pray they will grow out of...quickly. Its not like they are being picky, they just aren't eating period. Even when there's no cookies or popsicles, they still don't eat their meals. So if anyone has some good cheap, quick recipes that are kid friendly, send them my way! Maybe mixing in some new meals might be exciting enough for my kids to actually eat.


  1. Smoothies. I have a 3 & 5 year old boys. I put a huge amount of spinach in the blender, with orange juice, Greek yogurt (plain) and frozen fruit. They have no clue there is spinach in there.

    (P.S. Someone linked to you blog on Facebook; that is how I found it).

  2. Those eyes! Beautiful!


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