Sunday, March 27, 2011


The boys found my old Barbie dolls today. I had saved a few, after helping my dad go through all of our stuff when he moved, and they have been tucked safely away in a drawer in Fiona's closest. The site of my boys with dolls always evokes feeling of, "this is not right". But they are two, and I am trying to promote them to be creative. Cars and trucks go " vroom", pretty straight forward, but dolls you have to make up stories about what they are doing. And that's exactly what they did. They made them walk and talk and entered into the magical world of make-believe.

This was a world I was very familiar with.  And as I watched my boys drift off to that place, a flood of my own childhood memories came rushing in. As clear as day, I saw me and my childhood best friend, Jaclyn, sitting on her bedroom floor, barbie dolls and clothes thrown all around. I remember her blue and green bedding, and the sound of the creaky wood floors in the hall way. And for a moment, I truly remembered being in our make believe world. As a kid, it felt real, like speaking our made up stories out loud made them real. I remember our adventures in the "river" behind her house, and the feel of the squishy creek mud devouring my bare feet, searching for clay on the bank and making up wild scenarios of bad guys and obstacles and prince charming.

A child's mind is one of the most beautiful things. Its a clean slate, itching to be filled with knowledge but free from judgement, caution and seriousness. The world is their eat up sweet babies.

Sporting their new haircuts, because although I love their wavy long curls, lets face it... I am a hairdresser and love to cut hair! And I love my husbands mini-mes.

The thought of me-verse-three at a county fair, with hundreds of people, sticky food and a scorching hot sun was not enough to keep me from me doing it anyway. And, thankfully, I wasn't really alone. My mommy paparazzi partner in crime joined me with the "original" Fiona and little Piper. We were some sight with our cameras over one shoulder, kid on the other, pushing strollers and stopping every 5 feet to help a little one. But its all worth it when you look at your sugar comatose, cotton-candy faced kid. Its worth the whining in between the smiles. 

Monkey face!


And while my boys are exploring the big world around them, Fiona is our little rollie pollie, and has explored every inch of our living room floor. 9 times out of 10 she ends up here...

Its, of course, the one place in the living room I cannot see when I am not in the living room. Doesn't matter where I place her on the floor, she rolls her way to this little corner. Her father, just places her in a basket, as I learned today when I found this picture on my camera.

Or maybe, by that surprised look on her face, she got in there herself and got caught in the act. Fi is really coming into her little personality now and I love it. Her laugh is addictive and I will go to extreme lengths to get my fix. Lately, its been a lot of bouncing... and Bipity-bopity-boo, thats the key phrase. A Cinderella princess after my own heart. Gosh, I love her!


  1. And I love you...........(Mimi)

  2. Gotta love the childhood imagination! All so adorable. Love the pics!


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