Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maybe I should add caffeine to my diet

My days start at 7am and end around 12:30am. I am somehow making it through days that both start and end on E. And while I am appreciating this extra hour of sunlight daylights savings has brought, there still is not enough hours in the day and not nearly enough hours in the night.

Its not normal for you to find me just watching TV. I am too much of a busy body to not be multitasking at all times. If I am watching a show, I am usually also catching up on editing pictures, writing, knitting, sewing, catching up on emails, cleaning, or folding laundry ( although, to my shame, those last two are the least likely that I would be doing). But no matter how many things I am undertaking, there is about 100 things I am not doing. Numerous times a day, I drop everything, grab the kids and get out of the house to run away from my never ending to-do list. And lately, we have been escaping a lot.

The drive way and the pool are our two main escapes. We have covered almost every inch of our driveway with colorful squiggles. Now added to the snakes, rocket ships and body outlines are airplanes, circles, flowers and ants. ( As well as the occasional real ant that is now smooshed thanks to the boys trying to draw on it with the chalk)

Going to the pool in March, as snow is still melting on my northern friends lawns, never gets old. Even if its just for a half hour, we try to take a dip at least once a day. My encouragement of the boys making friends has started to pay off as I watched them properly introduce themselves to a little girl and politely ask what her name was. The goofy grin never left my face as I eaves dropped into their sweet toddler conversation. How kids understand each other, when I can barely decipher through their baby accents, is a mystery. And I hope to learn one day what "Pack-a-pooie" means. The boys say this all the time and then laugh hysterically. Twin-speak?

Thanks to Grandpa being in town, we got to take the kids to their first baseball game. It was an afternoon of hot dogs, sprints to the restroom (P.S. having a barely potty trained toddler gets you to the front of those long women's bath room lines), yelling "Go Tigers" and "Go baseball" and being thankful we were sitting next to a sweet girlfriend of one of the players who adored my overly talkative boys. I think at one point, Gavin was even sitting on her lap.

Our schedule is jammed packed with doctors appointments still. Thankfully, my monkey is one, tough little girl. And she is so strong, she has graduated to big girl casts. The plaster casts they had been casting her with, she smashed through from kicking so much. She is now rockin hot pink fiberglass casts. I got to see her chunky legs for a little bit the other day because we had to take her to get her RSV shot in between the old casts off and the new casts on. This was all before the Tiger game, and even though going through hell that morning, she was back to her smiling self at the game.

 Look how much straighter those tootsies are already after two casts!

I barely make it through each busy day. And you would think that once the kids were in bed I would crash. But I always get a second wind once I am kid-free. Hence this blog. Hence staying up till my husband gets home at midnight. And hence never getting to bed before the clock moves to the next day. I regret it every morning when I hear little feet at 7 am coming to wake me up. But you get one life to live, and I don't want to wake up one day wishing I had done more. I am off to spend some time with my other half, while these little loves are tucked in bed.

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