Friday, March 4, 2011

My three

Sometimes I sit in awe of the whirlwind that got me to where I am now. Saying "I have three kids" , to this day, still doesn't roll easily off my tongue. My life going of course from my original plan has been the biggest blessing I could have possibly received. These three, and my other half, are my world.

Today I soaked up my kids. Every ounce of them. I let nap time slide to a later spot, and road the ride till crankiness got the best of them. My husband often comments on how much I kiss our kids- but today I think I set a new record. And though we struggled through things such as fighting over wearing clothes and picking up toys, I was on too much of a high from their cuteness to let anything really get to me today.

This last,blurry picture is my favorite face because that is the face she makes when she is blabbering "mamamamama" Her tiny little mouth stretches from ear to ear.

Fiona's therapist came yesterday and had nothing to say. She is hitting all of her milestones and acting as a "normal" baby should at 5-6 months, non-the-less a baby that has clubbed feet, Down syndrome and had a major heart surgery. Nothing, including the new casts, has stopped her. She is an amazing little miracle who continues to impress the medical field. The power of hope. We are probably just a couple weeks from her being able to have 100 percent balance to sit. As of right now, she can sit on her own for a few minutes before toppling over. Monkey, we are so proud of you!

While the boys napped, I enjoyed the quiet time with my girl. I love our girl time. As the only child for my first five years of life, I surrounded my self with baby dolls, Barbie dolls and American Girl dolls to be my playmates. This is Fiona's first baby doll from Grandma. And we play with her a lot. I want to name her so badly, but I figured I let Fiona do that when she can. So, for now, this is Baby Doll. Fi just adores her and I adore watching her reach for her face.

When the boys are awake, they take over my place as Fiona's playmate and include her in almost everything they do. "Fona, this is Charlie (the train). Here Fona".... " Look Fona, the grasshoppers are mean!" ( A Bug's Life- which I may or may not have watched three times today).... "Hey pretty girl, hey sweat heart" (my favorite!).

I stole a moment, just me and my boys, earlier today while daddy had his father-daughter time. After a family grocery shopping trip, we had two excited almost-three-year-olds that could not wait to get their hands on the "rocket" popsicles we got. Kids+ popsicles =heaven. The three of us took the drippy, messy flavored ice out on our lanai, and I soaked up the excitement pouring out from them. Twins are so lucky- they always have each other. Never a moment of loneliness. Unlike me, who entertained my self in the world of dolls, they just play together- toy or no toy, they make it fun.

And as daddy got ready for work, I brought Fiona outside to enjoy the weather.  She was happy and content sitting in her little yellow Bumbo, so decided to paint her toes for the first time. Looking at those shiny red nail polish-covered toes peaking out from the casts makes me smile.

I know these next 6 months are going to fly by. Birthdays, weddings,  and trips are all in our near future. Before I know it, we will be blowing out the candles on the boys 3rd birthday cake, and then saying "happy first birthday" to our tutued-out princess. As my life continues to whirlwind on by, I savor each day- and hopefully a lot better then my boys did with their popsicles that they inhaled.

I am excited about my next post to come- I just can't wait to start spreading the word! Keep posted.

Also, I received an email from Reece Rainbow today. They are in need of $5,000 in donations for a trip to Bulgaria. Its a country whose culture is quick to discard a baby that is born different, and RR is going over for World Down Syndrome Day (3.21.11) to better educate families on Down syndrome. This trip could potentially save children from being left in orphanages but actually have their own family choose to love and raise them. Donate HERE

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