Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It is a fine art making room for a family of five in a small house. If your not careful, the walls being to close in on you, so I have learned the key is to learn to live minimally. I find the more crap stuff we accumulate, the smaller the house feels. And while my first thought is usually "we need a bigger space", we actually just need less stuff.

In a small house, each thing must have a designated spot.  So, in order to maintain sanity, if there is no spot for it, it must go. My husband and I grew tired of the chaos and are doing a big purge of the million things that there is no designated place. I have been sifting through clothes, clothes that we have grown out of ( Peanut is finally out of the 0-3 month clothes!) and putting bags together for our neigherbor to take to the womans shelter. And our garage is now so organized and clean, I can sit out front with the garage door open without praying that no one looks in my garage, while the kids color our driveway. Some Goodwill shoppers are going to be very happy.

We have been enjoying this new found space- the front yard. With a clean garage and the boys being old enough to listen and follow rules, this is our new favorite thing. Our driveway is covered colourful snakes, rocketships, hopscotch courses and outlines of Gavin and Breidens bodies. ("Draw me, Mommy"). Mostly snakes, because my boys have very little imagination, so a squiggly line is always a snake.

My imagination, on the other hand, is much larger. Like how I imagined this wonderful mommy-kid arts and crafts time- where the kids paint birdhouses, we laugh and the paint stays on the paper bag mat. But reality is, there is more yelling "stop!" and "don't!" then laughing and I now have a blue and green floor.

Not quite a fairytale, but worth the chaos. They loved their finish projects, and we spent hours ( in the front yard) waiting for birdies to come enjoy some dry oatmeal that we put in the birdhouses. Do birds like oatmeal? I don't know, it was the closest looking thing to bird food in my pantry. Sad to say, not one flew by to even check it out. But the boys are still optimistic.

Miss Fiona is rockin right along. I love that she can sit unsupported now. It allows her to be more interactive with her brothers, who are so good at including her. They move toys in her reach and hold them up for her to grab. And including her is a must- she does not appreciate being left out of anything. Just a little bit of attention quickly turns her pout into a smile.

The birthday parties have begun.... last year many, many friends and family welcomed new additions so this is the year of many, many first birthdays. Happy birthday to the oldest of the 2010 pack, miss Stella, and to ladybug Sophia. Gavin did not let me down, as I turned around to him butt naked in the middle of Sophia's party, " I ready go pool mama!" So sorry Amy, what can I say,the boy knows what he wants.

These kind of big messes are best taken care of in a big bubble bath. Daddy may have shaved his beard off, but his boys make bubble beards like daddy. Now that Fi can sit, I am itching for her casts to come off so the three of them can have fun in the tub. Her bath seat is waiting for her. 

Once again, thank you for the donations that continue to come in. We are getting closer and closer to our goal. I am glad to announce that the National Down Syndrome Society has recommended me to help share the My Great Story campaign in our area on station 90.1 this Monday on World Down Syndrome Day. I am honored and nervous to do this because its definitely out of my comfort zone. I am more comfortably staying behind the computer. But its all for Fiona. She will be with me to help me through it. 

 To donate to Project 3.21 click HERE

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