Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cross your fingers, no more surgeries for Fi

I'm just going to go ahead and both nominate and award Fiona with the Best Baby of the Year award. Surgery in the morning, playing with her brothers by noon. My girl is a rock star. Okay, maybe it was a little presumptuous to give her that award because everyone has amazing babies. But I am just so proud of our littlest peanut who has so enhanced our life. Her easy going spirit stole the medical staffs heart, and her amazing ability to handle these procedures with zero complications and perfect recoveries literally leaves them speechless. Did I already mention how proud I am?

Pre-surgery- Had to sneak this picture because for some odd reason there were signs everywhere saying no cameras. Come on, like I am not going to document my daughters surgery?

Post surgery- just a few hours after

Three more weeks with the casts and then I will get to see these sweet legs again...

Fiona, our fighter, our blessing. God is good. 


  1. I second the nomination! She is incredible!

  2. What a trooper! Kids are a amazing.


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