Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blue Palm Leafs

Easter has to be one of the most slaughtered holidays we celebrate in the US. I mean, how do you go from celebrating the Resurrection of our LORD to ogling over bunnies and pastels. Santa is iffy in my book, but the Easter Bunny is an absolute no.

Today was Palm Sunday. And though we forewent church to keep our runny-nose kids out of the nursery (something I wish more people did so that my kids didn't pick up a cold from church every week), we had our own little Bible study at home. I pulled out my own childhood picture Bible, cut up some palm- shaped construction paper, and snuggled up with my boys to attempted to help them understand the meaning of the day. This is what they picked up from my lesson- Palm leafs are on trees... we don't climb trees... glue is not paint... and if you pry real hard they might tell you that people laid the palm branches on the ground. I really didn't expect even that much understanding from almost-three-year-olds.

 Breiden wanted to make a blue palm branch, you know, because everything he does is blue and everything Gavin does is green.

I am trying to conjure up some justification on why I will be doing Easter baskets still, but got nothing. I love any excuse to get my kids something. And there will be cookie and egg decorating, because that stuff is just fun. I am sure I will figure out some way to tie it into why the day is really wonderful (gifts to remind us of the gift God gave us?). But this family will not be visiting the Easter Bunny nor will the boys think it was some creepy guy in a costume bunny who dropped off the baskets mommy worked so hard to put together.


I went into today with a slightly better attitude then yesterday, slightly less cranky kids and a long list of things I wanted to do today. If our neighbors were keeping track, they would have been curious why we came and went 50 times from the house today. We had a Taste of the Town ( and I learned of a local restaurant that has crab cakes to die for!), grocery shopping,  and a visit to daddy's work. Well, okay, now that I listed them I guess we didn't do that much, but it felt like we were out all day. And yes, there was still a lot of whining, but my crabby-mom fog had lifted and the stuff in between the whines was refreshing.

I observed Gavin bring Breiden not only Breiden's train, but then offering for him to also have his, turning and smiling at me, " I'm sharing, Ma"

Breiden hanging out with Fiona while she was in her bouncy horse, making her laugh hysterically.

Me telling Breiden to come put a shirt on and him responding sweetly, "No thank you". Oh so polite, but you have to wear a shirt!

Buba grabbing the arcade gun and copying the older kid's every move, thinking that he really was shooting at something in the game. The look on his face so was serious!

Gavin saying thank you to everyone today without one prompt from me.

Fiona's whole body shaking with laughter as I blew raspberries in her chubby little neck. I could just picture that squinty smile she was making over my shoulder. 

Breiden sneakily saying to Gavin, "Hey Gab-in, look at this cool train" and then slyly taking the toy Gavin had been playing with when he reached for the train. I couldn't intervene with that one because Gavin was thrilled to be playing with the cool train.

All three of my kids playing together for a good half hour, no fights, no whining, and a lot of laughing, as I got a chance to make some food for the week. 

It amazes me how much the boys include Fiona in their play. They always make sure she has a toy to play with and constantly check up on her, reminding her that she's a "pretty girl". I'll be savoring these thoughts as I sit at the dentist, getting a  large cavity filled tomorrow morning. Now excuse me, I have a very dirty house to clean because I spent too much time observing and not enough time playing pick-up.

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