Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few less trays

I have conjunctivitis...pink eye. And all I keep thinking about is that part in Knocked Up when the guys all get pink eye from farting on each other pillows. While I wouldn't be completely shocked if I contracted mine from something similar from my boys, I probably got it from the pediatric eye doctor's office of which I sat in for over 3 hours on Friday.

In the last 4 weeks, I have spent over 15 hours in doctors offices and over 10 hours waiting in doctors offices. First few, I was irritated... the next 5 I was furious... but now I am at a place of acceptance. These doctors aren't sitting in their offices with their feet up on their desks as I sit with my thumb up my butt patiently waiting. They are over worked and over booked but still manage to give each and every patient their full attention and concern, even if it runs them behind.

Every working mom has scheduling conflicts. If its not doctors appointments that eat up your free time its sports or school or playgroups or fill-in-the-blank. I, somehow, have to squeeze in 36 hours of work, 3+ doctors appointments, therapy (for my daughter, not me), time with the kids, time with the husband, time for myself and attempt to keep up with the house. Just picture Cinderella walking up those stairs balancing breakfast trays and laundry baskets- that's how I feel. At the end of the week it somehow gets done (well, maybe not the house part) but its an awkward, difficult balancing act to get there.

I have this rare opportunity where I am not allowed to work and I am not allowed to help with the kids, but I am not bed-ridden sick- just contagious. This absolutely disgusting disease is giving me a chance to stop this never-ending spin cycle that has been whirling me through each day and let me concentrate on maybe just two trays instead of five. I am so excited about this freedom I have forgone the nap, my husband recommended me to take, to write. Lets see how far this spurt of energy will carry me. I hear closets calling to be organized. 

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  1. Oh man, normally I would say that pink eye is the worse, but this sounds like a blessing in disguise? Hope you get some good quality "you" time!


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